Dr Indumathi

Dr. Indumathi Vrithamani Aprameya


Dr.Indumathi V.A. completed M.B.B.S. and M.D. degree from the illustrious Bangalore Medical college, Bangalore University joined as a teaching faculty in Kempegowda medical college in the department of Clinical Microbiology in the year 1984 and served for 9 years. She then joined Ramaiah Medical College as an Assistant Professor in the year 1992 and gradually rose to the position of a Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology. During her tenure she has trained medical, dental, nursing, physiotherapy, undergraduates and postgraduates. She has also been the PhD examiner and supervisor for Yenopoya university, Mangalore

She has also been the head of the department of microbiology at the International Medical School., Bangalore campus to train the Malaysian M.B.B.S. students

Her expertise is in Hospital infection control wherein she spear headed and served as a secretary of Hospital infection control committee at Ramaiah Hospitals. She was the drug formulary committee member and she brought out an antibiotic policy guidelines for the usage by clinicians.

She has an expertise in Quality control program and was instrumental in steering the clinical labs both at the Ramaiah memorial hospital and teaching hospital towards NABL accreditation. 

She has a seven long years of experience in the industry having headed the corporate clinical laboratory at Ramaiah Memorial hospital.

Her research interests focuses on Antibiotic resistance among hospital isolates and Hospital associated infection.

One of her recent articles on multidrug resistant Acinetobacter has been published in Science advances journal which has an impact factor of 13.1


  • (PhD with Specialization)

    M.B.B.S. Bangalore Medical College

  • (PG with Specialization)

    M.D.(microbiology) Bangalore Medical College

  • (UG with Specialization


Total Years of Experience: Years/​Months

Academic: Years/​Months 35yrs 8 months

Industry: Years/​Months 7yrs 3 months

Training Experience

  • Quality control in clinical laboratory practice
  • Hospital infection prevention and surveillance

Research Interest :

Hospital infection : Phenotypic and Genotypic characterization of drug resistant hospital isolates.

  • Rapid diagnositic tools in infectious diseases

  1. M. D. Dissertation: Serology of Pyrexia of Uncertain origin with special reference to Brucellosis)

National Conference Papers

  1. 1. Central venous catheter related infection – a microbiological profile of 3 years: VII national conference Hospital infection Society Jan 9 – 11 2003
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  13. 13. Panel discussion on Contemporary Care in Dermatology 10th Oct 2010 Continuing Professional Development program conducted by Dept of Dermatology M.S.Ramaiah Medical College

Invited speaker:

  1. 1. The realities of antimicrobial resistance” 23rd march 2013 at the workshop on Infections in the ICU and its Optimal management” 
  1. 2. Recent advances in the diagnosis of Dengue” 9th March 2013 conducted by Padmashree Institute of Medical Laboratory technology, Bangalore in Association with RGUHS Karnataka
  1. 3. Dr.Indumathi: Virology of HIV: 16th Dec 2012 on Scientific CME on HIV in Pregnancy conducted by FOSI, BSOG and M.S.Ramaiah Medical college
  2. 4. Dr.Indumathi : Antibiotic policy : A stepwise Approach : Pesucon 2014 20th Dec2014 Karnataka Chapter
  3. 5. Sepsis Workshop conducted by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine Bangalore Chapter June 26th 2013 : Chair person
  4. 6. Symposium on Center for Disease Control – An Overview of roadmap ahead organized by Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Public Health and Centre for Disease Control 31st Jan 2014
  5. 7. Colloquium on Health care waste management conducted by Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Public Health and Centre for Disease Control on 15th March 2014 : Resource person

International Conferences:

  1. 1. Presentation on Role of automated blood cultures in the management of neonatal sepsis: our experience: at National Health protection agency Colindale UK and Leeds, UK Academy of clinical Microbiologists 29th March to 2nd April 2007
  1. 2. The international conference on Health care Acquired Infections and Control 22nd and 23rd Feb 2013 at Puducherry : Paper presented : Best Paper Award“ Antibiotic resistance pattern of Acinetobacter infections in a tertiary care centre”
  2. 3. CIDSCON : International conference in infectious diseases , Bangalore Aug 22nd,23rd,24th 2014 Bangalore
  3. 4. Clinico Microbiology Course on Infection Prevention in Health care : an Update Global Hospitals Hyderabad Aug2nd and 3rd 2014

Workshop: Organising chairperson

  1. An interactive workshop on “ Sterilization and surgical safety” was conducted by the department of Microbiology on 31st March 2012 at the M.S Ramaiah Hospital auditorium in collaboration with with NABH & 3M
  1. Symposium: August 16th 2012 

Autoimmune Disease from Bench to Bedside”. 

In collaboration with UIC : University of Illinois at Chicago & M.S.Ramaiah Advanced learning Centre, Bangalore

3. CME: 8th December 2012 

Neonatal sepsis “ in collaboration with the Department of Paediatrics M.S.Ramaiah Medical College

4. Workshop: 1st and 2nd March 2013 

Basic Immunological Techniques” in collaboration with 

Department of Biotechnology, MSRIT Bangalore

5. Seminar: 23rd March 2013 

Infections in ICU and its optimal management” in collaboration with ISCCM 

6. CME: 21st July 2013 

Ocular Mycosis A Clinico microbiological perspective”– 

In collaboration with the department of Ophthalmology 
M.S.Ramaiah medical College

7. Workshop: 29th & 30th April 2014 

Water and Air Borne diseases” in collaboration with civil 
Engineering department M.S.R.I.T. M.S.Ramaiah medical College

  1. CME:27th November 2014 

Tuberculosis update M.S.Ramaiah medical College 

  1. CME:27th November 2014 

Pulmonary Tuberculosis update M.S.Ramaiah medical College.

  1. CME on extrapulmonary TB 1st March 2016 M.S.Ramaiah medical College
  1. 11. Infection prevention in the ICU 5th Nov 2016 M.S.Ramaiah medical College
  1. TB updates 23rd Sept 2017 M.S.Ramaiah medical College
  1. 22nd IAMM –KC conference and workshop on molecular diagnostics basics to advanced 9th and 10th March 2018 at M.S.Ramaiah medical College. 

International Conference Papers:

  1. 1. Presentation on Role of automated blood cultures in the management of neonatal sepsis: our experience: at National Health protection agency Colindale UK and Leeds, UK Academy of clinical Microbiologists 29th March to 2nd April 2007
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  • Spear headed the Hospital infection control program at Ramaiah Hospital as a HIS secretary
  • Established and spear headed the project on Liquid waste management practices for Bio medical waste management cell of Ramaiah hospitals and also a resource person for training
  • Set up the clinical laboratory : a corporate lab (Gokula Metropolis lab)attached to the Ramaiah hospitals and established the quality control programs steering the clinical laboratory towards NABL accreditation
  • Strengthened the Post graduate program in Ramaiah medical college and set up standards of quality to spear head the clinical lab attached to the medical college towards NABL accreditation

* Published the Antibiotic Policy document

  • Indian Medical Association


  • Hospital Infection Society


  • Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists


  • Academy of Clinical Microbiologists