Harshitha Gowda

Dr. Harshitha Gowda BH


Dr Harshitha Gowda B H works as a Reader at the Department of Prosthodontics under the Faculty of Dental Sciences, RUAS. During her tenure, she has been a member of the Hospital Waste Management committee (2007 – 2015), the Journal committee (2009 – 2011), NACC (2011 – 2013), and the Cultural Committee (2014 — 2015). She has been a Co-ordinator at the Biomaterial Research Centre since 2014.

She obtained her undergraduate degree from KLE Institute of Dental Sciences, Belagavi (1997 – 2002) and post-graduate degree from Vokalliga Sangha Dental College and Hospital, Bangalore (2007).


  • BDS

    KLE Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum

  • MDS

    Vokalliga Sangha Dental College and Hospital ,Bengalure

  • Phd


Total years of experience: 16.34 years 

Training Experience

Maxillofacial Prosthodontics/​Implants/​OSCE OSPE training/​Statistics

Research Interest



National Conference Papers

  1. Polymeric Scaffolds in Prosthodontics” 43rd IPSConferenc Hyderabad 2015
  2. Connector Design in Long Span Fixed Prosthodontics‑A 3D Finite Element Analysis , 42nd IPS Conference, Chandigarh 2014
  3. Implant Impression Techniques- A Review”, Indian Dental Conference, Mumbai,2017
  4. Ovate Pontic- An Esthetic Blessing”, FDI-IDA, Bangalore2010

International Conference Papers

  1. 40th Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference and 8th Biennial meeting of Asian Academy of Prosthodontics- “ An Epidemiological study on the Prevalence and Awareness of Edentulism among Bangalore Urban Adult Population
  2. South East Asian International and Indian National Conference on Health Professional Education- Awareness of treatment modalities among the edentulous population in Bangalore city

National Journal Papers

  1. Aesthetics with Ovate Pontics‑A Case Reports”. Guident 2011 Magnets in Prosthodontics”. Dentbytes 2011
  2. A study on the effect of water quality on the setting timeof irreversible hydrocolloid”. Dentovision 2011
  3. Connector design in a long spn fixed dental prosthesis- A 3 dimensional finite element analysis”. Indian Journal of Dental Research 2013
  4. Impression techniques in implants”. Journal of Dental and Orfacial Research, 2016

Invited Lectures

1. Impressions in Fixed prosthodontics- conducted workshop , KGF

College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, KGF, 2012

Conferences (Organized)

  1. 36th Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference 2008 , BangaloreOrganizing Committee
  2. National conference on dental health professionals education 2013, Bangalore- Treasurer
  3. 14th ISPPD National PG Convention , Bangalore 2017

  • IDA


  • IPS


  • KSD