Master the Language of Machines with a B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing

Mathematics is a more powerful instrument of knowledge than any other that has been bequeathed to us by human agency.” — René Descartes 

What thrills you the most: the concepts of trigonometry or solving those integrals? Do you have an interest in developing data algorithms, and computation using algorithms?. If so, then pursuing a B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing is the right choice for you. Most individuals barely realise the potential for the career disciplines of Mathematics and Computation.

Be it sending follow requests on social media platforms or Google Maps you follow to bagging the suggested products on shopping sites are the sole results of Advanced Computations. In this technologically driven era, there are a plethora of career opportunities accessible to students keenly intrigued by computation in the fields like fluid dynamics, aerospace engineering, etc. 

B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing VS Computer Science and Engineering 

Both Mathematics and Computing, as well as Computer Science and Engineering, are closely related but with an idiosyncratic emphasis and vivid study area. Mathematics and Computing focuses on the mathematical foundations of Computing, which covers topics like algorithms, and discrete mathematics. At the same time, Computer Science and Engineering focuses on the management of computation frameworks as well as hardware and software processes. Hence, the answer to this question can’t be one-fit-for-all. 

Is The Future Safe? What Does The Statistics Say?

The global mathematics software market size was USD 6.94 Billion in 2023 and will see a surge of USD 14.46 Billion by the end of 2032, elaborating at a CAGR of 8.5% during 2024 – 2032. The market growth is attributed to the rising usage of smartphones and other devices for solving mathematical problems. This provides a wider scope for the engineers with Mathematics and Computing skills.

Scope of the Mathematics Software Market Report

The market report incorporates an assessment of the market, trends, segments, and regional markets. Below is an outlined report in a tabular form showcasing the forecast period between 2024 and 2032. 



Report Title

Mathematics Software Market — Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Share, Size, Trends, and Forecast

Base Year


Historic Data

2017 ‑2022

Forecast Period

2024 – 2032


Type (Free Software and Commercial Software), Application (Engineering Construction, School, Academic & Research Institutes, and Others), and Deployment (Cloud and On-premise)

Regional Scope

Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and Middle East & Africa

Report Coverage

Company Share, Market Analysis and Size, Competitive Landscape, Growth Factors, Market Trends, and Revenue Forecast

Key Players Covered in the Report

Civilised Software; GAMS Development Corp.; GUROBI OPTIMIZATION, LLC.; Heinemann.; Maplesoft; PTC; Signalysis; Saltire Software; The MathWorks, Inc.; and Wolfram.

B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing Career Scope

After completing your B.Tech. in Mathematics & Computing degree, you can consider building a career, as mentioned below, as the B.Tech. Mathematics and Computing scope is wide and vast.

  • Cyber Security Professional

  • Software Developer

  • Scientist

  • Mathematics and Computing Specialist

And more!

Remember, the field is diverse, meaning that, in the coming days, the opportunities will double. You can work across different domains such as aerospace engineering, finance, healthcare, academia, environment, society & more, leveraging impeccable mathematical and computational skills to get to the root cause of intricate problems and drive innovation. The programme imparts students to modify to advancing technologies and contribute to avant-garde advancements in multitudes of domains. 

B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing Eligibility Criteria 

  • Aspirants must have cleared the 10+2 examination, with Physics and Mathematics as mandatory courses, along with Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, Electronics, or Computer Science.

  • Aspirants must have scored a minimal aggregate of 45% marks.

  • Aspirants belonging to the reserved categories ought to score at least 40% aggregate marks.

Innovate at the Intersection of Math and Computer Science with a B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing at M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS) is amongst the promising institutions in India, particularly famous for its dedication to providing practical, industry-oriented/centric education. The university offers a distinctive and innovative programme. 

The B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing programme amalgamates mathematics elements and computer science to develop a holistic multidisciplinary curriculum . With the immensely brimming importance of AI and Machine Learning in multiple scientific and commercial domains, with an emphasis on experiential learning this undergraduate programme focuses on training students in these areas. 

With this, you will not only dive deep into conventional computing models such as Lambda Calculus and Turing Machine but also Quantum Computing to entrust practical knowledge via experimentation and implementation for a competitive edge.

Programme Objectives

  • Master the science, engineering, and mathematics skill sets to develop programming expertise for computing solutions. 

  • Implementing the computing theory to real-world issues. 

  • Develop mathematical models and devise fitting computing resolutions for problems.

Long Story Short

Righteously, the soaring demand for Mathematics and Computing professionals underpins their essential role in this computation driven world. Almost 90% of industries seek professionals’ expertise when it comes to solving complex issues, leveraging computational skills, and navigating technological innovations. As the hunt for professionals continues to rise, thusly enrolling in a B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing at M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences can turn out to be exponentially remunerating.


  • Jayashree Aradhya