K P Pradeep Kumar

Mr. Pradeep Kumar K.P

Project Engineer

Mr. Pradeep Kumar K P has been a Project Engineer at the Techno Centre Engineering Department since April 2019. In a career spanning a decade, he began work as an Assistant Servicing Engineer at Power World in Bangalore before joining RUAS as a Training Engineer about 8 years ago.


  • Bachelor’s Engineering in Mechanical Engineering


Total Years Of Experience : 9 Years 2 Months

Academic: 6 years

Industry: 3 Years 2 months

Project Experience

  • Computer aided design Finite element analysis.

Research Interests :

  1. IC engines.
  2. Automotive product design.
  3. FEA.

Research Expertise :

  1. UG-Nx.
  2. Hypermesh.
  3. Ansys.

  • Secured First place in the Technical Paper presentation conducted by the ISTE college exhibition.