Chandru P Kulkarni

Mr. Chandru P Kulkarni

Project Engineer

Mr. Chandru Kulkarni has been a part of the Techno Centre Engineering Department since 2013 which he joined as a Project Engineer. 10 years ago, he began his career as a Manufacturing Engineer at Surin Automotive Pvt Ltd (2008 – 2011). 

He studied for his Diploma in Automotive Engineering at SJPN Trust’s Polytechnic, Nidasoshi, and followed it up with a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies (which is affiliated to Coventry University) in 2013.


  • Master’s degree in Product Design

    MS. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies (Coventry University)

  • Diploma in Automobile Engineering

    SJPN Trust, Polytechnic Nidasoshi


Total Years Of Experience :

11 Years.

Project Experiences :

Consultancy & Research Projects in the following Domain:

Product Design and Development Defense and Military Product Design and Development Design for Manufacturing and Assembly.

Research Interests :

  1. Industrial Design.
  2. System integration.
  3. Process design.
  4. Manufacturing and Assembly.
  5. Reverse Engineering.
  6. 3D- Printing.
  7. Engineering Designs.

Research Expertise :

  1. Design and innovation strategy.
  2. Digital to the physical design.
  3. Technology-based innovation.
  4. Design and user research.
  5. Medical product design.