Workshops and Classes

As part of our holistic approach to learning, RUAS conducts regular classes and organises workshops that cover a range of topics and promote the all-round development of students. 

Udaan — The Workshop Series

Conducted throughout the year, the Udaan series seeks to train students in social and professional skills that will stand them in good stead in their careers and indeed, in their lives. 

Topics covered by this series include personality development and grooming, self-defence techniques, health and fitness, public speaking, and presentation skills to name just a few. 

Remedial English Communication Classes

Over the years, English has emerged as the common business language of the world. In a country that is home to more than 20 native languages, it has become the language that helps break barriers and borders. 

The ability to communicate effectively in English, therefore, is often seen as crucial for professional success. 

Our Remedial English Communication Classes are ideal for students who feel that their language skills are keeping them from communicating clearly and articulately. Conducted by trainers from the Directorate of Transferable Skills and Leadership Development, the classes offer one-on-one training in the language, with a particular emphasis on communication.