Sports Rules and Regulations

All of RUAS’s sports and recreational facilities are subject to a set of rules and regulations that are decided by the University’s Sports and Recreation Committee.

  1. Users must respect the rules and guidelines outlined in signs and posters at various facilities at all times.
  2. Smoking and chewing of gum are strictly prohibited within the University campus and at all sporting facilities.
  3. Food and drinks must not be consumed in sports and recreational facilities, except in areas designated specifically for this purpose. 
  4. Users must take care to use appropriate footwear and clothing sporting facilities. Casual footwear or dress shoes must not be worn on specially prepared surfaces or in indoor areas where sporting activities take place. The Sports and Recreation Committee will determine, from time to time, the clothing requirements and appropriate footwear for each facility and will publish them in the specific rules posted at the facility concerned.
  5. Users may only use the facilities for the activities that are intended to take place at such facilities. To conduct any other activity at the facility, users must obtain prior approval from the Sports and Recreation Committee or the Sports Director. 
  6. Any user considered to be a danger to themselves or to other users must leave the area if requested to do so by the Director or an authorised officer.
  7. Users who are suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or banned substances may be refused the use of the facilities by the Director or an authorised officer.
  8. Users who contravene the rules or misuse any of the facilities may be asked to leave the area or the facility by the Director or an authorised officer either temporarily or permanently. 
  9. Where damage is caused to the equipment or the facilities of the University, the user who is responsible for such damage shall be liable to pay the cost of its replacement or repair to the University.
  10. Users who fail to pay the fee or charge prescribed for the use of a particular facility will not be permitted to use that facility until all fees or charges due are fully paid.
  11. Users may enter facilities only through designated entrances. Any user who attempts to enter or enters through any point other than a designated entrance may be removed from the facility by an authorised officer.
  12. Users who hire a facility for a group are solely responsible for the behaviour of their group including players, spectators, guests, visitors, and officials. Any behaviour likely to cause offence is not acceptable and the Director or authorised officer may immediately terminate the use of the facilities in such cases.