Ms. Thanuja N K

Assistant Professor


  • B.Pharm

    Nargund College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru, India

  • M.Pharm (Pharmacology)

    Ramaiah university of applied sciences, Bengaluru, India.


Total Years of Experience: 06 Months

Academic: 06 Months

Training Experience

  • Conducting Theory and Practical classes for B.Pharm Human Anatomy and Physiology and pharmacology 
  • Animal (Wistar rats, mice, rabbit) Handling, Withdrawal of blood samples (Marginal Ear vein, Retro-orbital plexus, IV, Intra-Cardiac), Animal dosing (oral, IV, IM, SC, IP). 
  • Handling of UV, HPLC, Auto analyzer, actophotometer, Analgesiometer, Psycho-Pharmacological screening Instruments etc.

  • Clinical pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy
  • Preclinical and clinical Research, Cardiovascular Disorders.

National Conference Papers

  • An E‑Poster Presentation titled TRANSDERMAL PATCH LOADED WITH NANOPARTICLES OF SIDDHA MINERAL EXTRACT” at Annual conference of society for the study of Xenobiotics (SSX), India” on July 14th — 17th, 2021 held at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

International Journal Papers

  • Azamthulla, M., International Journal of Modern Pharmaceutical Research.