Mr. Chetan Kulkarni

Project Engineer

CFD, Thermal Engineer handling and supporting for projects related in Defense, Automotive and Electronic cooling. Having experience and interest in latest technologies like IOT, New trends in Electronic cooling and Automotive technologies 

Hobbies: Reading, Music and Fitness


  • B.E. (Mechanical)

    S.T.J.I.T, Ranebennur (V.T.U, Belgaum)

  • M.Sc.[Engg.] Automotive Engineering

    MSRSAS (Coventry University)


Total Years of Experience: 10 Years/​10 Months

Industry Experience:

  • Tool con systems, Pune- 10 months (Manufacturing )
  • SAS Tech/​Techno Center, Bangalore – 4.2 years (University Technical consultancy Division)
  • Wipro Technologies, Bangalore– 2 years (Service Industry)
  • Lear Corporation (Lear IEC), Pune– 2.7 years (Automotive)

Techno Center, Bangalore– 1.11 years (University Technical consultancy Division)

Interest & Tool Expertise

  • CFD Tools (Ansys Fluent, CFX), Mesh tools (Hypermesh, Icem CFD)
  • Electronic cooling/​Thermal management: Flotherm, Icepak, FloEFD
  • CAD: Ansys Space claim DM
  • Technology: IOT, Defense technologies, Automobile EV & Related

Project Domain

  • Electronics, Defence Equipments, Telecom, Automotive

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  2. V. N. Sheetal, S. Srikari, S. Malathi and C. Kulkarni, Performance Evaluation of Aircraft Communication Antenna for Lightning Strike Protection : A Coupled Electrical and Thermal Analysis,” 2022 IEEE Microwaves, Antennas, and Propagation Conference (MAPCON), Bangalore, India, 2022, pp. 724 – 728, DOI: https://10.1109/MAPCON56011.2022.10047822