Mr. Abdul Imran Rasheed

Assistant professor|Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Mr Abdul Imran Rasheed has been an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, RUAS since 2014. He joined M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies in 2011. At present, he is aiming for a PhD degree in Microwave Photonics from RUAS. His professional experience includes 2.5 years in industry and 9 years of in research and academia. Over the years, he has taught modules such as Electronic Circuits, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Digital CMOS IC Design, CMOS design and Manufacturing, Embedded Design and Systems for undergraduate programs. At the postgraduate level, he has handled classes on Advanced Digital Design and FPGA Implementation, ASIC Design and Implementation, Embedded Design for Digital Signal and Image Processing, Data Acquisition and Embedded Systems, FPGA and Functional Verification, Mechatronics, Embedded Systems for Robotic Design and Principles of Robotics System Integration and Applications. He has also been a thesis Advisor for undergraduates and PG/MS students.


  • PhD Pursuing

    Ramaiah University, Bangalore

  • M.S

    Manipal University

  • B.E

    Visvesvaraya Technology University (R.V college, Bangalore)


Total years of Experience :

12+ years

Academic Experience:

  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering — M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru — 3 Years (June 2011 — June 2014)
  2. Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering — M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru — 6+ Years (2014 to Date)

Industry Experience:

  1. Software Engineer, MPhasis Pvt Ltd, Bangalore — 1 Year (2007−2008)
  2. Project Engineer, BEL, IC design Center, Bangalore — 1 Year (2009−2010)
  3. ASIC Design Engineer, NXG Semiconductors, Pvt, Ltd — 1 Year (2010−2011)

Training Experience

  • Delivered corporate Training on VLSI design for Tejas Network, Mistral solutions, Lattice Semiconductor, Intel, Mathworks, Astral solution, Apps connect etc….
  • 20+ Corporate Training programs
  • 10 Batches of Advanced Certificate Training Programs delivered.
  • 5+ Batches of Module Training program delivered

Research Interest :

  • Low Power Digital Designs
  • IOT based Embedded designs and Applications
  • Machine Learning and AI based Application
  • VLSI SIgnal Processing
  • Semi-Cutom IC Design
  • FPGA Reconfigurable Architectures
  • Photonics
  • Communication System.

Reserach Expertise :

  • FPGA, Phtonoics
  • Embedded Sytems & Architectures
  • Digital IC designing
  • Low Power ASIC design

Ph.D. Dissertation:

Studies on the design and simulation of photonics Combinational Logic Block using micro ring resonator”- (on Going)

National Journals Papers: 10+

  1. Development of Algorithm for Detecting Animal Intrusion in Agriculture field for Agriculture Drones; Mohammed Muqafamuddin, Imran Rashid, Bhargav-Sas-Tech Journal 2021
  2. Design and testing of DWT based image fusion system;T Sulochana, ED Chandra, SS Manvi, I Rasheed – National Journal of Advanced Communication systems 2014/3
  3. Analysis, Design and Testing of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Transceiver Model Using R Badiger, M Nagaraja, MZ Kurian, Imran Rasheed 2014
  4. A Survey on Reconfigurable Architecture for 1‑D DWT MS Vimala, C Savitha, I Rasheed, MZ Kurian — The National Journal of Science and Technology, 2014 

National conference Papers:12+

  1. Design and low power implementation of Turbo decoder on FPGA Aksahy , Abdul Imran Rasheed, Dr.Rohini Deshpande, 2014
  2. Design of Low power Frequenting hopping Technique on FPGA, Rajshekar, and Abdul Imran Rasheed 2014.
  3. Design of Low power 16-bit OpenRIC processor in ASIC for 65 nm Technology 2014
  4. Design of low Power Video code processor in ASIC for 65 nm Technology,2014
  5. Design of Low Power SPI master slave configuration in 45nm Techno logy, Prathibaha , abdul Imran Rasheed,IEEE,ICSP, 2014

International Conference Papers:11+

  1. Design And Simulation of Micro Ring based optical Comparator INCET2021, IEEE
  2. Design and Simulation of Optical Fiber Communication Link by Ethernet Protocol using FPGA INCET2021,IEEE
  3. Design and Implementation of an 3‑logical input Optical Look Up Table, CONNECT-2018, IISc Bangalore
  4. Design approach towards the development of 3- logical input Optical Look Up Table (OLUT) and optical memory, ICPSPCT-2018, Bangalore
  5. On Hartley Image rejection receivers and adaptive sinusoidal interference cancellation in automotive wireless links Dipayan Mazumdar ; Govind R. Kadambi ; Imran Rashid ; Yuri A. Vershinin,17th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC)
  6. Hardware Implementation of Hybrid Classifier to Detect Cancer Cells M Naresh Gowda ; Abdul Imran Rasheed 2017 14th IEEE India Council International Conference (INDICON)
  7. Design and implementation of image processing algorithms for cardiac blockage detection on FPGA;Shrinivas B Mudigoudar ; Abdul Imran Rasheed; 2016 IEEE Annual India Conference (INDICON)
  8. Design and implementation of WDF for digital down converter on FPGA for LTE application,Rashmi M Mani ; Abdul Imran Rasheed,2014 International Conference on Advances in Electronics Computers and Communications
  9. ASIC implementation of fuzzy-PID controller for aircraft roll control Subash John ; Abdul Imran Rasheed ; Viswanath K. Reddy 2013 International conference on Circuits, Controls and Communications (CCUBE)
  10. FPGA implementation of blob detection algorithm for object detection in visual navigation Divya Kiran ; Abdul Imran Rasheed ; Hariharan Ramasangu 2013 International conference on Circuits, Controls and Communications (CCUBE)
  11. Design and ASIC implementation of image segmentation algorithm for autonomous MAV navigation Shankardas Deepti Bharat ; Abdul Imran Rasheed ; Viswanath K. Reddy 2013 IEEE Second International Conference on Image Information Processing (ICIIP-2013)

International Journals:3+

  1. Design of Optical memory using Micro Ring Resonator. UgrmohanRoy, Abdul Imran Rasheed ICSRT springer 2018
  2. Design and Implementation AES processor on FPGA Shoahib, Abdul Imran Christy bobby, ICAERT,2014
  3. Design and Development of JTAG for Trace and Debug of Controller and Implementation on FPGA TD Sunil, MZ Kurian, I Rasheed — International Journal of Advanced Research in Signal processing and communication system 2014

Patents filed:

  1. Divya Kiran, A. I. Rasheed, and H. Ramasangu Method, System and Apparatus for Object Detection” Indian Patent Application: 3573/CHE/2014
  2. Govind, R. Kadambi, Dipayan Mazumdar, Abdul Imran Rasheed and Mohammed Salman Baig Digital Up – Converter for Multiple Channels including Multistage Non-Blocking Switch, Sigma Delta Noise Minimization and DAC Transfer Function Compensation”, Indian Patent Application: 202041056805, December 29, 2020.
  3. Govind, R. Kadambi, Dipayan Mazumdar, Abdul Imran Rasheed and Mohammed Salman Baig Method, Device and Apparatus for DAC Transfer Function Compensation”, Indian Patent Application: 202041056806, December 29, 2020.

  • Received best project guide award from IIT Kanpur for the project titled OFDM Frequency hopping signal tracking system for Satellite communication”