Dr P V R Murthy

Dr. Ramanamurthy Prakriya

Head of the Department & Professor|Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of Computer Science and Engineering


  • PhD in Computer Science

    CSA department, IISc`, Bangalore

  • M.Sc (Tech) Computer Science (Integrated programme)



Total Experience: 39 years

  1. 1982 – 1987: Scientific Officer, Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, IIScDec 
  2. 1987-June 1988: On UNDP Fellowship at Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
  3. 1987 – 1995: Senior Scientific Officer, Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, IISc
  4. 1996 – 1999: Product Development Manager, Siemens
  5. 1999 – 2000: Project Manager, Digital
  6. 2000 – 2004: India Engineering Manager, Sun Microsystems
  7. 2004 – 2012: Senior Member Technical Staff, Corporate Technology, Siemens R&D
  8. 2012 – 2014: Principal Research Scientist, Corporate Technology, Siemens R&D
  9. 2014 – 2018: Professor, Department of Computer Science, Ramaiah University
  10. 2018- till date :Professor & Head of the Department of Computer Science department, Ramaiah University
  11. 2016- till date: Head of Software Engineering and Big Data Research Centre at Ramaiah University

Research Interest:

Software Program Analysis, Testing, Verification and Concurrency, Artificial Intelligence, High-performance Computing, Computer Programming Pedagogical Methods

Research Expertise:

Software Program Analysis and Testing, Theory and Practice of Concurrency, High Performance Computing.


  • Software Program Analysis and Testing
  • Verification and Concurrency
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • High-performance Computing
  • Computer Programming Pedagogical Methods
  • Theory and Practice of Concurrency
  • High Performance Computing

Ph.D. Dissertation:

A Study of the Implementation of Speculative Parallelism in Functional Languages”

International Journal Papers:

  1. P.V.R Murthy , V. Rajaraman. Implementation of Speculative Parallelism in Functional Languages”, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Vol 5, Issue 11,November1994.
  2. Pushpavathi T.P, PVR Murthy, Hybrid Privacy Preserving Clustering for Big Data while Ensuring Security”, Springer Lecture Notes (accepted in June 2019)

University Journal Papers:

  1. P.V.R.Murthy, A,Prabhakar. “ AnExploration Into Effective Teaching of Introductory Programming”, MSRUAS, SASTech Journal, Vol 14, Issue 2, 2015.
  2. P.V.R.Murthy. Cause Effect Path Based Coverage Criteria for Testing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability”, RUAS, SASTech Journal, Vol 16, Issue 2,2017.

Corporate Journal Papers:

  1. PVR Murthy, K Ravikant. Towards a Science of Programming for Safety”, Siemens Corporate Technology India, 2012.

International Conference Papers:

  1. PVR Murthy,Shilpa RG.“Vulnerability Coverage Criteria for Security Testing of Web Applications”,International Conferenceon Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics, ICACCI 2018.
  2. IEEE.PVR Murthy.“Design by Contract Methodology‑A step towards Zero-defect Programming”,International Conferenceon Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics, ICACCI 2018.
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National Conference Papers:

  1. PVR Murthy.”Design by Contract Methodology‑A step towards Zero-defect programming”,2ndSRESA National Conference on Reliability and Safety Engineering(NCRS-2015).
  2. PVR Murthy.”Distributed GUI Test Automation”,3rdSRESA National Conference on Reliability and Safety Engineering(NCRS-2016).PVR Murthy. Real-time Fortran Operating System”, Computer Society of India Publication, 1982.

Conferences (Organized):

  1. Organized a one day Workshop on Test Driven Development at Corporate Technology, Siemens R&D, 2012.

  • Granted eight international patents in Software Engineering

  • ACM (Association of Computing Machinery)