Dr. Manoj Kumar Mudigubba

Assistant Professor

Dr. Manoj Kumar Mudigubba is from the Department of Pharmacy Practice where he works as an Assistant Professor. Having completed PharmD and a Doctor of Philosophy degree, he has over 5 years of professional experience. He is deeply interested in research pertaining to public health and epidemiology. 

Over the years, he has acquired expertise in the epidemiology of infectious diseases in community settings and also drug safety studies in community settings. He has a membership in ISPOR. He received the best student researcher award by SJM Vidyapeetha in Chitradurga (2014).


  • Ph.D.

    Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth

  • PharmD

    SJM College of Pharmacy


Total Years Of Experience :

6 Years 8 Months

Research Interests :

  1. Public health.
  2. Epidemiology.

Research Expertise :

  1. Epidemiology of infectious diseases in community settings.
  2. Drug safety studies at community settings.

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  1. Honored as Chief Guest for Graduation Ceremony-Pharma Deekshanth2020”, SJM College of Pharmacy, SJM Vidyapeetha, Chitradurga, March-01- 2020.
  2. Best student researcher award, the Year 2014 felicitated by SJM Vidyapeetha, Chitradurga, Karnataka state, India.


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