Devakumar G

Dr. G. Devakumar



  • PhD

  • MBA

  • BE (Mech.)





Total No. Of Experience:

21 years of Industry Experience. 

16 years of Teaching Experience, which includes 11 years of Applied Research Experience.

Research Interests:

PhD and PG Subjects Taught to MBA , M.Com, Hospital Administration, Hotel Management & Pharma Management : Principles of Management, Marketing management, Sales Management, Advertising and Brand Managing, Strategic management, Retail business management, Entrepreneurship development, Research methodology, Business communication, Product and Brand Management.

Research Expertise:

Marketing management, Strategy Management, Consumer behavior, Research Methodology, Product and Brand management.

Grants Received: Got two sponsorship project grants through MSME, Department of Sciences & Technology, Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), New Delhi, and One form Corporate Company, SKF Ltd.

PhD Guide: Supervising Ph.D. scholars, in India and Abroad Ghana for International students.

Examiner for PhD thesis presentation: Subject expert / examiner for research scholars thesis and PRP presentations

Editorial committee : Chaired for Reviewers of Scholarly journal /​articles of national and international reputed journals

Dissertation: So far Guided more than PG 150 dissertation thesis at Master’s level and majority if them published in Scopus Indexed Journals / ICI Indexed / UGC listed journals.

Group Projects: Guided for PG Students group projects which has got Best Paper Award and published in Scopus Indexed Journals:

  • Industry interaction: Constantly interacted with industry and taken PG students for Industry visit for knowledge enrichment and skill development to face current industry challenges.
  • Guest Lecture: Given gust lectures on various management topics(Team building / Leadership / Motivation/​ODP / MDP, etc.) to various industries, institutions, corporates as a knowledge partner.
  • Service to Society: As a part of Service to Society, regularly interacted with outside world and conducted many Health Awareness program as well as on generic topics on physical fitness and got the certificate of appreciation for the services rendered to the society.
  • Protocols for COVI19: As a team work, prepared Strategic implementation plans, towards the protocol for COVID – 19, on how to deliver the class room teaching(on-line and offline) in the coming days.
  • Proctor / Mentor : Interacted with Parents Teachers Meet on constant / regular basis and highlighted the Identified area for improvements for their ward and updated them for better improvements, this meeting gave a very good platform to parents on transparency to prepare even a below average students / wards to prepare for their future better carrier.
  • Countries visited: UK, Germany, Ireland and Malaysia in connection with academic partnership and future join venture pitch.

National Conference Papers Presented:

  1. Devakumar. G, (2010), A Study and Recommendations on Market Penetration Strategies for Pharmaceutical Products” at Indian Business Research (IBR) in collaboration with AICTE has organized National Conference- IBR 2010. Conference held at Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Management Studies, Coimbatore on 10th May 2010.
  2. Bharathesh. L and Devakumar. G, (2016). Study on Customer Satisfaction with Respect to Selected Retail Stores in Bangalore”, presented during one day National Conference on development prospectus of Indian Economy at Mysore University during 17th August 2016.
  3. Anil kumar kolakar and Devakumar G, (2016). A study on sales promotional strategy with reference to selected automobile stores” presented during one day National Conference on development prospectus of Indian Economy at Mysore University during 17th August 2016.
  4. Prajwal Yadav A and Devakumar G (2016).”An Empirical Study on Consumer Buying Behavior with respect to New Product”, presented during one day National Conference on development prospectus of Indian Economy at Mysore University during 17th August 2016.

International Conference Papers Presented:

  1. Narendranath V, Devakumar G, Nitin R V (2016), An empirical study on Marketing mix strategies on healthcare services in a tertiary care hospital” Asian Society of Academic, International conference on Medical and Health Sciences (ICMHS) presented at Bangalore.
  2. Usha N., Devakumar G., (2019), An Investigation on Structural Equation Modelling Approach for the Development of Business Sustainability Model With Respect To Agri Engineering Manufacturing Companies”, 10th Conference on Excellence in Research and Education (CERE-2019) between 03rd to 5th May,2019, presented at Indian Institute of Management, Indore.
  3. Usha N., Devakumar G.,(2019), Modelling Business Sustainability in Agri Engineering Manufacturing Companies: Impact on Innovation, Technology and Business Model using Structural Equation Modelling Approach”, presented between 17th and 18th May 2019 during International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science & Technologies for Engineering Systems”, ICETSE — 2019 at SJCIT, Chickballapur and Published in Conference proceeding Scopus Indexed journal” International journal of Recent Technology and engineering”.
  4. Janardhan MK, G. Devakumar (2022), Assessment of Neighborhood Environmental Quality and Its Impact on Health and Lifestyle of Residents in Bengaluru, Proceedings of the 4th European International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operation Management. August 3 – 5, 2021.(IEOM Society International)
  5. E. K. Ocloo, G.Devakumar, (2021) Assessment of Challenges with Borrowing and Underlying Effects of MSMEs in Kaneshie, Greater Accra Region of Ghana RAGD IEE/ International Conference on Computing, Computational Modelling
  6. Emmanuel Kwabla Ocloo A H S, G Devakumar, (2021),Exploration of Endogenous Constraints Leading to Failure of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Developing Countries (A Case Study of Mallam, Greater Accra Region of IEEE/ International Conference on Computing, Computational Modelling 

National Journal Papers Published:

  1. Devakumar G, Guru Raghavendra P & Santhosh Upadhyay, (2009), A Study on Brand Awareness of Cavin Care Products’ SASTECH Journal, Volume 8, Iss.2, pp. 33 – 40.
  2. Devakumar G, (2010) Development of internet marketing strategy in IT industry” Comdex Times: Journal on management Ideas by Biztantra.
  3. Devakumar G, Barani G, (2013), An Empirical Study on Customer Satisfaction with Special Reference to Domestic Sector Pumps. The IUP Journal of Marketing Management, Volume XII, No.1, pp. 25 – 39.
  4. Shalini D, Devakumar G, Soumen Adhikary (2016), “ Comparative study on treatment rates offered to ex-service men by empaneled Healthcare organization with prevailing market rates in selected cities at Regional center ECHS, Ranchi.
  5. Usha. N, .Devakumar. G, (2018),“An Analysis on the Critical Parameters Influencing Sustainability for Agri Business Industry: A Systematic Review and Conceptual Frame Work”, Asian Journal of Management, Vol.09, No.01, pp. 464 – 470.
  6. Prachi Mishra and Devakumar. G, (2018), Factors Influencing Consumer Preference for Purchase Intention of Organic Apparel Products – A Structured Review”, Pacific Business Review International ” Vol.11, No.6.
  7. Usha N., Devakumar G., (2018) Analysis of the Critical Factors Influencing Sustainability of Agri Business Industry: A Systematic Review and Conceptual Frame Work, Asian Journal of Management, 9(1), pp. 464 – 470.
  8. Usha N., Devakumar G., (2018) An Analysis on Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Competency With Respect To Selected Agri Engineering Manufacturing Companies in the State of Karnataka, India, Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management, 8(12), pp. 1 – 11.
  9. Usha N., Devakumar G., (2019) Determinants of Sustainable Business with Respect to Agricultural Engineering Manufacturing Companies, Asian Journal of Management,10(1),pp.1 – 6.
  10. Nida S Peerzade and Devakumar. G, et all. (2019), Resource Use Efficiency through Backyard, Vertical and Roof Top Gardening for Daily Usage of Mixed Crop Livestock”, Asian Journal of Management”, Vol.10 (2), pp81-87.
  11. Swathi Jha, Devakumar. G, et all, (2019), The Role of Urban Parks and Its Ecological Impacts On Human Society in Bengaluru City: An Empirical Evidence”, accepted for publication in Scopus Indexed Journal Indian Journal of Environmental Protection”.
  12. Dilip. N, and Devakumar. G, (2019),‘An Analysis of Technological Capabilities and Business Eco- system through Radical Innovation for Sustainability of Start-up Companies’ Asian Journal of Management” Vol.9 (3), pp21-28. 
  13. An Empirical Study on the Impact of Traffic Pollution on Health of Roadside Vendors and its Effects on Their Business. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 11 (3)
  14. Aishwarya HS, G Devakumar (2020), An Empirical Study on Impact of Traffic Pollution on Health of Roadside Vendors and its Effects on Their Business. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development 

International Journal Papers published:

  1. Devakumar G., Barani G, (2012), A Study on Consumer Behavior of Mini Pumps in Domestic Sector. Int. J. of Research in Computer Application & Management, 2, Issue 8, pp. 67- 74. ISSN 2231 – 1009
  2. Devakumar G , Barani G,( 2015), Marketing Strategies for Competitive Advantages with Reference to Agricultural Sector Pump Industry in Coimbatore, A Structural Equation Modelling Approach ’, International Journal of business Excellence, ISSN: 17560055 (Scopes Indexed).
  3. Chowdappa, V., and Devakumar, G. (2018). A review on consumer buying behavior and its influence on emotional value and perceived quality with respect to organic food
  4. products, International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management Research Studies.Vol.1(1)pp.81 – 84.
  5. Marsha Augustin, Samuel N J David, Aileen J, G Devakumar, (2018), A Study on Factors
  6. Influencing Competency of Pharmacists in a Tertiary Care Hospital”, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development — An International Journal, Vol.9(7),pp.75 – 79.
  7. Usha N., Devakumar G., (2019) Development of a Model for the Sustainability of Agri Engineering Manufacturing Companies in Karnataka, India, International Journal of innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, 8(4), pp. 156 – 164.
  8. Usha. N, Devakumr.G, 2019, Development of a Model for the Sustainability of Agri Engineering Manufacturing Companies in Karnataka, India”, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering’, Vol.8, No.4.
  9. A Nikita, G Devakumar (2022), Development of a Model, to Determine the Purchase Intention of Counterfeit Luxury Products Among Consumers in Bengaluru Indian Journal of Marketing Vol.52 (11), pp.44 – 59.
  10. EK Ocloo, G Devakumar(2022). A Proposed Model for Successful Transitioning of Startup MSMEs from Planning to Operationalization in Greater Accra Region of Ghana, E Asiedu American Journal of Industrial and Business Management 12 (3), 428 – 442 2022
  11. EK Ocloo, G Devakumar, E Asiedu, (2022), Assessment of Financial Regulatory Constraints and Its Effects on Business Performances Leading to Consequent Failure of MSMEs in Tema, Greater Accra Region of Ghana American Journal of Industrial and Business Management 12 (3), 390 – 404 2022 

International journal papers submitted to Scopus Indexed Journals, the same is under pipe line / editorial review:

  1. Juned and Devakumar. G, An Analysis on Factors Influencing Customer Relationship Management with Respect to Online Shopping’’, Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict, (ISSN: 1544 – 0508 — Scopus indexed).
  2. Niranjan D R, Devakumar. G, An Analysis on the Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior for Omni Channel Retailing with Respect to Fashion and Apparel Retailers”, International Journal of Electronics Marketing and Retailing, ISSN : 1741- 1033, 1741 – 1025 — Scopus indexed ).
  3. Vidyasagar Patil and Devakumar .G, An Analysis on Sustainable Viral Marketing Strategies for Start-up Companies”, Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (ISSN: 1095 – 6298; Scopus indexed).
  4. Rashmi. R and Devakuma.G, Impact on Customer Satisfaction for Up-Selling and Cross-Selling with Reference to E‑commerce”, International Journal of Management and Business Research, (ISSN Number: 22287027- Scopus indexed)
  5. Kavitha H.K and Devakumar. G, Factors Influencing Packing and Labelling of Organic Milk Products in Bangaluru,” Academy of Strategic Management Journal, (ISSN 15441458 — Scopus indexed).

Book Chapter publication: 

  1. Devakumar. G, (2022), Technology Gap Analysis with Respect to Mysore Printing Cluster, An Attractive Opportunity in Industry 4.0 Market Industry 4.0 in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) 1, Book chapter No16, Taylor & Francis Publication, CRP press. P16. Source: https://​www​.tay​lor​fran​cis​.com/​c​h​a​p​t​e​r​s​/​e​d​i​t​/​1​0​.​1​2​0​1​/​9​7​8​1​0​0​3​2​00857 – 8/technology-gap-analysis-respect-mysore-printing-cluster-devakumar

  1. Winner of 2020 Exemplary Faculty Award, under Best Researcher Category during Teachers Day function on the 5th September 2020 at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bangalore.
  2. AMITY AWARD 2020, for Best Research paper, co-authored and presented at Amity University Noida, during the international conference on 20th February 2020.
  3. BEST RESEARCHER Award of the year 2019, IJRULA AWARDS, in collaboration with World Research Council & United Medical Council (having their Head Quarters at Malaysia & Administrative Quarters at New Jersey / USA) has conferred the BEST RESEARCHER Award of the year 2019, in the area of Business and Strategy Management.
  4. GOLD Award 2019, for the best research paper, co-authored and presented during international conference held at Universities Muhammadiyah-Jakarta –Indonesia.
  5. Best Research Paper Award 2019, during Social Sciences Research Colloquium, Co-authored and presented at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun in collaboration with SCMS School of Technology and Management: Cochin, Kerala on 11th January 2019.
  6. Certificate of Excellence-2017, for the Corporate Sponsorship project executed to SKF Ltd in 2017 for having conducted, sensitized bearing market research study in India.
  7. Certificate of Excellence — 2016, for the sponsorship project on Technology Gap Analysis Study for Mysore Printing Cluster for the fine execution of the TIFAC / DST funded project, executed during the inauguration of Science congress by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi.
  8. Best Professor Award 2005, as HOD at Bangalore University affiliated College Faculty Development Program (FDP-2020), Got Certificate of Appreciation for the FDP conducted to SVCE, Airport Road, Bangalore on Exploring Research Funding Opportunities in Social Sciences.
  9. FDP conducted for PhD scholars and PG Faculties on Research Methodology, Data Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling(SEM).

  • 2000 - 2006 Indian Pump Manufacturer's Association(IPMA) dealer.

    Professional Memberships

  • 2005 - 2007 Custodian member, Centre of MBA Exam Evaluation, Bangalore University.

    Professional Memberships

  • 2005 - 2008 Symbiosis University, Pune. External expert committee member, Curriculum.

    Professional Memberships

  • Formation and Program Delivery.

    Professional Memberships

  • 2007 - 2010 MBA exam paper setting committee member, Anna University.

    Professional Memberships

  • 2012 - Till Member, Management Teachers Consortium (MTC-Global).

    Professional Memberships

  • 2013 - Till Editorial committee member for an international journal of repute.

    Professional Memberships

  • 2015 - Till Chairman Board of Committee Member for MBA – Marketing Management Program - Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.

    Professional Memberships

  • 2016 - Till Member – Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FKCCI),Bangalore.

    Professional Memberships

  • 2017 - Till Manthan College Committee member.

    Professional Memberships