Annmary Swaroop

Dr. Ann Mary Swaroop

Assistant Professor|Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Ann Mary Swaroop works in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at RUAS as an Assistant Professor. She is well-versed in using drug-related databases like Micromedex and Lexicomp and has had experience working in SPSS. 

ADR monitoring and reporting, identifying and resolving drug interaction, patient counseling, medication history interviews, identifying drug-related problems and suggesting suitable therapeutic alternatives, drug information service, identifying potentially inappropriate medication use, and suggesting suitable therapeutic alternatives, and scientific writing is acknowledged to be among her many professional strengths. 

She completed her PharmD degree from M S Ramaiah College of Pharmacy, Bangalore (2015). As a person who has enjoyed a consistent and outstanding academic record, she considers herself a good communicator with strong organizational and problem-solving capabilities.


  • Pharm.D

    Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences


Total Years Of Experience :

4 Years 5 Months.

Research Interests :

  1. Pharmaceutical care.
  2. Pharmacovigilance.
  3. Public health.

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Overall 2nd Rank holder and acquired merit ranks in all the individual 5 years of Pharm.D in Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (Pharm.D, 2009 – 2015 Batch)

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