Staff Welfare

The welfare and wellbeing of our staff is crucial to us. We make a concerted effort to create a sense of security among our employees and to motivate them as they work towards fulfilling the vision of the University. 

The following are just some of the measures undertaken to ensure staff welfare —

1. Employment Regulations and Benefits

A host of benefits and privileges are extended to the employees of RUAS. These have been explained in great detail in the HR Manual and Employee Contracts. 

2. Salary 

To ensure fair remuneration for all, teaching staff are paid according to the UGC standard while administrative and technical staff are paid as per the Government of Karnataka standard. 

3. Higher Education Policy

All staff members are encouraged to upgrade and enhance their skills, and to participate in specialist training programs. Employees interested in pursuing their higher education are also given a 50% fee concession. 

4. Insurance Scheme

All employees of Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences are covered by medical insurance as well as accident insurance. Employees can also opt for the MSR Health Benefit Scheme.

5. Committees

Additionally, the University also has committees to address specific issues faced by employees. These include: 

  • Gender Sensitization Committee Against Sexual Harassment(GSCASH)
  • Staff Grievance and Redressal Committee
  • Women Development Cell (WDC)
  • Staff Recruitment and Selection Committee