Why the Name “M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences”

Often times many friends and also many of my colleagues have asked me why we named the University as “University of Applied Sciences”, while it could have been only “M.S. Ramaiah University”

Applied science is a discipline of Science that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop new applications. For example, in engineering we use the knowledge of physics, mathematics or even chemistry to develop new technologies, improving the existing technologies or inventions. Medical Sciences apply the knowledge of biology and chemistry toward medical research, development and inventions. So also management which uses knowledge of economics, statistics, and social sciences to develop management strategies and methods and industrial design is the application of art, ergonomics and cultural and social reflections.

In Europe, many Universities use the name Applied Sciences in their name. These are all Institutions of higher education that award undergraduate, postgraduate and even doctoral degrees. The programmes place great emphasis on the practical application of knowledge and expertise. Many of these universities have close relationship with industry and prepare students with the skill sets that are demanded by industries and business establishments.

A large number of universities in India are either State universities or Central universities. A few Central universities or institutions like IISc, IITs and IIITs are set up as research universities. State universities are all affiliating universities. While affiliated colleges of the university focus on teaching, the University itself focuses more on academic administration, examinations and awards, in addition to teaching. The interactions of affiliating universities with industry, business and research establishments is either nil or sometimes minimal.

In the past decade, in India, many educational institutions in the private as well as in the government sector have been upgraded into Deemed universities. Many state governments are also permitting educational trusts and societies to establish their own Private universities. Both deemed and private universities are standalone universities and this has injected a competitive spirit amongst the universities to excel.

M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences is a comprehensive private university. It has faculties in Engineering & Technology, Art and Design, Management and Commerce, Hospitality Management and Catering Technology, Dental Sciences, Pharmacy and Science and Humanities. The University would not only like to carry forward the long standing interactions that the M.S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies had with industry, business and research establishments, but the intention is to enhance the number of organisations in the portfolio for the benefit of all the faculties of the University.

The University is committed to create a robust ecosystem where a variety of participants including academicians, concept developers, product designers, business incubators, product developers, entrepreneurs, mentors and financial institutions are brought together under the umbrella of the University. Our objective is to ensure that the students of our University not only find answers to many of their questions, but in the process should have valuable exposure to real life situations. Some of the unique features of the University are:

  1. All the courses offered by the University embrace the definition of applied science and have societal relevance
  2. At all levels, dissertations and project work of students are desired to have relevance to industrial, and/or business applications or societal needs
  3. The Techno Centre provides solutions to complex engineering, technical, management problems, designs and develops products, incubates technology products, helps entrepreneurial development and is involved in technology commercialization
  4. The Training and Lifelong Learning Directorate offers training and skill development courses to practicing professionals to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills
  5. The University encourages every teaching and research faculty member to develop commercially viable ideas and/ or products in association with their students in partnership with the University and commercial establishments
  6. Student efforts are channelized towards acquiring relevant skills in their chosen domain so that they can “hit the ground running” i.e., to be confident and self-reliant

In simple words, the University would like to focus on creating self-confident, independent thinking graduates, who can create applications and enterprises to create more jobs.

This explains why we at the University chose to name it as

“M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences”

- Dr. S.R. Shankapal
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