Masters Programme for a Challenging International Career in Engineering and Technology

Ken Mellendorf, an Illinois physics professor, observed wisely that the difference between bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral’ degrees is that: bachelor's degrees enable answers to questions already answered; master’s degrees enable answers to questions not yet answered; and doctorates enable answers to new questions.

However, in this knowledge era, it is essential that graduates not only find answers to unresolved questions, but also that they should strive continually to ask new questions through the pursuit of master’s and doctoral degree programmes.

We all live in a globalized world and this means we should become global citizens. Global citizenship or world citizenship typically defines a mindset in which a person conceives his/her place as being much more located in the ‘global community’ than within the narrow confines of the nation state. Global citizenship in a professional context encourages engagement both ethically and productively. In social contexts, it also helps citizens to engage with diverse communities and cultures. Students, both present and future, must be encouraged strongly to embrace the philosophy of global citizenship as they pursue careers which so often nowadays transcend international geographic boundaries. The responsibility for orienting and transforming students into global citizens must lie with the universities and this should be regarded as a fundamental part of their scholarly, social, and curriculum experiences.

To qualify as global citizens, graduates must possess: knowledge in their chosen discipline, competences in critical thinking, communication skills, interpersonal competences, intercultural awareness, a passion for social engagement and be active participants at the local and global levels.

Today, the breadth and variety of careers which graduates may undertake can be local, global, governmental, private, charitable or entrepreneurial. Whatever may be the nature of this work and wherever it may take the graduate, s/he will engage with colleagues having different nationalities, cultures, languages, lifestyles and religions. Therefore, for graduate-global citizens, particularly those choosing to study engineering and technology degrees, career success will require close alignment between the graduate’s own learning and thinking skills with globally defined learning standards.

Universities offering engineering and technology degrees must ensure they are design and delivered to achieve outcomes that redefine students as global citizen. Thus the engineering and technology curriculum should deliver both competence in the chosen discipline and provide opportunities for students to develop critical and analytical faculties and the ability to research and solve problems. They should also be able to work in teams, communicate effectively across teams and respect all cultures and religious practices.

It has been predicted that India will grow rapidly from the present $US 2trillion economy to $US 20 trillion economy by 2030 and a $US 45 trillion economy by 2045. To achieve these milestone India needs great leaders, technocrats, scientists, innovators, investors, economists, sociologists and well educated and committed human resources. The recent success of IT in India clearly indicates that sound economic development is based on strong leaders and a motivated and committed work force. Higher education with a focus on global citizenship will help in developing great leaders who can succeed in making India a $US 45 trillion economy.

M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, offers 24 postgraduate programmes in engineering and technology leading to an M. Tech., degree. In addition to M. Pharm, MBA, M. Com. MHA, MSc, MDS, M. Des., master degree programmes are also offered. All programmes have been designed and developed to transform its students into global citizens.

M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences has been offering postgraduate programmes since August 2000; initially, the programmes were created in collaboration with Coventry University of the UK and the leading industries of our country. Hence, we advise our students just don’t pick a college but pick a future too.

- Dr. S.R. Shankapal
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