University Non-Statutory Committees

Academic Centric Committees

  1. SAB, PAB Committee
  2. Staff-Student Consultative Committee

Research Centric Committees

  1. Doctoral Programme Coordination Committee
  2. Ethics Co-ordinating Committee
  3. Publication and Patent Committee
  4. Sponsored Research Coordination Committee

Resource Centric Committee

  1. Resources Planning and Purchase Committee

Staff Centric Committees

  1. Staff Career Progression Committee
  2. Staff Disciplinary Committee
  3. Staff Grievances and Redressal Committee
  4. Staff Induction Training Committee
  5. Staff Performance Appraisal Committee
  6. Staff Recruitment and Selection Committee
  7. Staff Welfare & Inclusiveness Committee

Student Centric Committees

  1. Alumni Council
  2. Cultural Committee
  3. Sports and Recreation Committee
  4. Student Disciplinary Committee
  5. Student Grievances and Redressal Committee
  6. Student Internship & Placement Committee
  7. Student Staff Competitions and Exhibition Committee
  8. Student - Staff Social Services & Responsiveness Committee
  9. Student Welfare and Experiences Committee

University Centric Committees

  1. Academic Programme Planning and Review Committee
  2. Cooperation and Collaborations Committee
  3. Programme Quality Assessment Committee
  4. Technology Commercialization & IPR Committee
  5. University Annual Activities Scheduling Committee
  6. University Journal Committee-JDOR
  7. University Journal Committee-SASTech
  8. University Journal Committee-UASJMC
  9. University Newsletter Committee
  10. University Performance Review Committee
  11. Media and Publicity Committee