Transferrable Skills and Leadership Development

To succeed in a profession, it is not enough that the person in question has appropriate levels of knowledge and understanding, cognitive abilities and practical skills but is essential that he/she possesses sufficient transferrable and leadership skills. The transferrable skills include communication, team work, interpersonal, time management, problem solving, and organisation, learning, listening, creative and leadership skills, working under constraints. The Directorate of transferrable skills and leadership development focuses on imparting of such important skills in the University students to ensure well rounded development of the student

Mission Statement

DTSLD will work towards helping every student, faculty member, technical / administrative staff and senior officers / leaders of the University, in developing skills which are transferable to work environment. DTSLD will strive to enhance the transactional, transformational and transcendental leadership skills in the above stake holders to align with the University’s mission to serve the technical, scientific and economic needs of our society.

Director’s Message:


While in an organization, the employees are valued for their knowledge and experience, they are more valued for their transferable and leadership skills (such as but not limited to, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Risk Management, Ethics, Moral Values, etc). Investing in developing human resources in these skills will enhance productivity and bridges the gap between an organization’s expectations & reality.

At DTSLD, we “connect” with all our UG / PG students, teaching faculty, non-teaching faculty, research scholars and administrative staff across all levels in our University. The programs that we conceptualize, design, develop and deliver are based on experiential learning. While our human capital is working towards excellence in their profession, we help them touch their inner core.

By helping every stake holder align his / her goal with the University’s mission of contributing towards a developed society, we at DTSLD, wish to realize Swamy Vivekananda’s manthra, i.e., “Aathmano Mokshaarthaya Jagad Hithaya Cha” (Work continuously towards the welfare of the world and in turn liberate self).

This beautiful journey has just begun.

- Mr. Jyothi Shankar G.

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