Techno Centre

One of the most important abilities that the members of faculty and the students of a University system must inculcate is Real Life problem solving. Real Life problems flow from industries, research organisations and business organisations seeking solutions into the University. It is assumed that the University will have required intellect and modern facilities to solve the complex problems. The Real Life problem can be a design change for improved performance, can be a process modification to improve efficiency and effectiveness or development of a new concept or any such thing. The Techno Centre at MSRUAS has been created to provide an opportunity for its members of faculty and students to experience real problem solving and thus keep themselves up-to date with industry and business requirements and standards.

The Directorate of Training and Lifelong Learning at MSRUAS strives to impart skills to align the human resources to meet the dynamic requirements of industry and business.

Consultancy, Product Design and Development and Business Incubation activities are managed by the Techno Centre headed by a Director. Directorate can leverage the fundamental and applied knowledge and problem solving abilities available within the Faculties and can access the teaching, training and research resources and skills for its projects. Industry, businesses and many research and development organisations who may want to solve complex problems, are interested in developing a new product concept, in the product development and commercialisation of products or would like to invest in new technology development to replace existing one, obsolete technologies can access the ecosystem that exists in the campus to solve their requirements. Students and entrepreneurs alike are also provided access to the University’s for this purpose. The Techno Centre aims to bring together the University, Industry, Business Organisations and enthusiastic youngsters for their mutual benefit.

General Manager

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