Student Affairs

A student while pursuing his/her education in the University requires Accommodation; Mess and Cafeteria facilities; Sports and Games facilities and training; involvement in cultural activities; take part in technical competitions; recreation facilities; on campus facilities like bank, post office, vehicle parking; participation in tours and excursions; involvement in social service programmes; health care facilities; training on transferrable skills development; would like to undergo Internships; in addition, students may get into conflicts with themselves or with general public; may face disciplinary issues which needs to be solved. The Directorate of Student Affairs will have the herculean task of meeting the student’s requirements and solving student problems to provide meaningful living experience in the University.

After successful completion student would like to take up a job or pursue higher education or become an entrepreneur for which placement assistance / career advice or training for entrepreneurship development are necessary. The Directorate of Student Affairs strive to achieve these tasks.

Mission Statement

The Directorate of Student Affairs at MSRUAS strives to provide meaningful and memorable campus experience to both residential and day scholars by providing relevant facilities and assistance.

Director’s Message:


In a multi-disciplinary university, the students have many options to choose from, in terms of courses and specializations to achieve their life goals. In order to cater to the requirements of the students to fulfill their goals, the university has established a dedicated centre namely, Student Affairs. The Directorate of Student Affairs at MSRUAS is formed to facilitate and assist students with supplementary and complementary processes, to augment the education for memorable campus experience, and wholesome development, preparing them for taking up the career challenges in global competitive environment.

We provide rich cultural experience/exposure for students to bring out their hidden talents. We achieve this objective by organizing intra—faculty and inter-university cultural activities, competitions and technical exhibitions.

Education cannot be separated from the society. MSRUAS has policy for bringing our students and education system close to the society by making it mandatory for every students to spend at least three days in a year in community service in addition voluntary social service activities.

The Directorate is responsible for conducting sports activities and formation and maintenance of various clubs to bring out the creative talents.We would like to provide comfortable hostel accommodation, safe transport and healthy food in hygienically maintained canteen, within the practical limitations.

We work with the goal of creating a strong team of satisfied Alumni. Alumni are our ambassadors. We have programs to build strong bond between our alumni and alma mater. We wish all the students to celebrate learning with joyful campus life.

- Mr. Arup Bhattacharya

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