Student Affairs

A student while pursuing his/her education in the University requires various facilities and opportunities to stimulate the emotional and aesthetic wellbeing and also to kindle the intellectual and cognitive development. With this noble objective, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences created Directorate of Student Affairs to facilitate and assist students' diverse needs by providing innovative co-curricular experiences that augment well-being, nurture life and academic skill development, create responsibility and cultivate leadership competence.
The activities in which the Directorate is actively involved are listed hereunder:

1. Career Assistance

  • Pre-Placement Training
  • Internship
  • Final Placements
  • Career Counseling
2. Facilities
  • Healthcare and Health Insurance
  • Gymnasium
  • Mess & Cafeteria
  • Bus Pass
3. Hostel Accommodation
4. Sports and Athletics Events
5. Social Service Activities
6. Cultural Activities
7. Scholarship
8. Anti-ragging & Grievance Redressal.


To provide meaningful and memorable campus experience to both residential and day scholars by providing relevant facilities, assistance and guiding them in building their career.

The Directorate of Student Affairs is committed to students’ well-being and accomplishments both inside and outside the classroom. The team is incessantly working hard to provide services and programs to develop the professional skills and to create an exciting learning community where a student can grow and succeed.

Director’s Message:


Dear Students,

It is said “

As you initiate your academic career, you are setting on a path full of possibilities and hopefulness. The Directorate of Student Affairs is dedicated to working with you and inspiring you on this wonderful journey to take full benefit of the opportunities you will find at this wonderful university.

We are committed to meeting the needs of all students. The university has outstanding faculty and a compassionate staff, a beautiful campus and an encouraging academic atmosphere to achieve your career goals. We support each and every student in exploring placement prospects by inviting various companies for campus recruitment drive for students who are in the final year of the programme and are likely to graduate at the end of the academic year.

Our department provides rich cultural experience for students to bring out their hidden talents by conducting various cultural events and competition like intra—faculty and inter-university cultural activities, competitions and technical exhibitions etc.

The Directorate conducts various sports activities and forms and maintains various clubs to bring out the creative talents. The Directorate takes utmost care to provide comfortable hostel accommodation, safe transport and healthy food in hygienically maintained canteen within the practical limitations.

Education cannot be separated from the society. MSRUAS has policy for bringing our students and education system close to the society by making it mandatory for every students to spend at ONE day in a year in community service in addition voluntary social service activities. Creating a strong bond with Alumni, our ambassadors is also an important task of the directorate.

We encourage you to join the directorate as a Volunteer and become a Campus Leader for various activities and events for fine arts, performing arts, leadership development programs and community service.

We, the Directorate of Student Affairs, are here to take care of you, your social development and your future. We extend our full support to you for an enjoyable and great learning experience in Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.