Quality Assurance Cell

The Quality Assurance Cell is mandated to implement and monitor academic quality control processes that include development and review of curriculum from Board of Studies; approval of curriculum by the Academic Council; review and approval of subject/module notes; review and approval of term, assignment and examination question papers; monitoring of student attendance; collection and analysis of student feedback, staff feedback, feedback from technical and administrative staff; and training of members of faculty and members of staff on academic processes.

The subjects/modules are delivered using various educational technologies, the directorate studies the various modern educational technologies that are essential to be implemented in the University to enhance the learning experience of the students and recommend for implementation.

Mission Statement

The Quality Assurance Cell at MSRUAS is committed to closely monitor the quality of educational processes of the University and implement modern educational technologies to achieve international quality in curriculum development, delivery and assessment to produce globally competitive graduates.

Activities of the Cell




Mr. Parameshwar S.

Chief - Quality Assurance Cell
Tel : +91 80 4536 6666
E-mail : chief.qc@msruas.ac.in

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