Internal Hackathon for Smart India Hackathon 2020

Internal Hackathon for Smart India Hackathon



RUAS Internal Hackathon for Smart India Hackathon 2020

Smart India Hackathon

Smart India Hackathon 2020 is a nationwide initiative to provide students a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem solving. The last edition of the hackathon saw over 5 million+ students from various colleges compete for the top prize at 65+ locations. In SIH 2020, the students would have the opportunity to work on challenges faced within various Ministries, Departments, Industries, PSUs and NGOs to create world class solutions for some of the top organizations including industries in the world, thus helping the Private sector hire the best minds from across the nation. It can help to:

  • Harness creativity & expertise of students
  • Spark institute-level hackathons
  • Build funnel for 'Startup India' campaign
  • Crowdsource solutions for improving governance and quality of life
  • Provide opportunity to citizens to provide innovative solutions to India's daunting problems

Important Dates


Steps need to be followed to participate in Smart India Hackathon 2020

  1. Form team of 6 members. At least one girl member is compulsory
  2. Go through the problem statements available on Select some problem statements for which team can provide solution
  3. Find mentor who can review your all solutions and can help you to select one problem statement which you can finalize to participate in Internal Hackathon
  4. Understand selected problem statement and draft the solution for finalized problem statement as per format with the help of your mentor
  5. Start Implementation of your solution for selected statement
  6. Participate in Internal Hackathon for SIH 2020
  7. Clear the rounds of Judging and get place in top 5 teams of Software or Top 2 teams of Hardware.
  8. If got selected then Participate in Grand finale of Smart India Hackathon 2020. As per schedule and venue which will be published on website

Schedule for Internal Hackathon


Problem Statement

Learning Resources

Format for submission of Idea

Upload in PPT format

SPOC for Hackathon

For more details contact:

Dr. C. Narendra Babu
Head, Innovation Centre, RUAS