Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences has been established along with the University. The faculty was created by integrating all the basic science departments. The faculty of science in addition to supporting basic sciences modules of other programmes and courses, offer masters courses in their respective subject areas.

Faculty Mission

The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at MSRUAS aims to deliver competency based mathematical and physical sciences education with inter & multidisciplinary approach adopting global educational practices with emphasis on development of critical, analytical and problem solving abilities in its graduates and associates with a passion for lifelong learning and independent thinking. The Faculty would equally emphasize on creation of new knowledge in science and humanities to act as a basis for development of sustainable solutions for meeting global challenges.

Dean's Message


In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of students opting for basic science courses. This is partly because careers in IT industry are not as lucrative as they were few years ago. Also, the Central Government is planning to invest heavily in higher education and research in basic sciences. In response to the present scenario, MSRUAS is offering M.Sc. programmes in physics, chemistry and mathematics since 2014.

The educational practices in MSRUAS have been moulded on the European model, on account of its decade long association with the Coventry University, UK. MSRUAS follows the internationally recognised outcome based learning methods recommended by Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

The M.Sc. program has a modular structure. The subject modules are classified as department common modules, specialisation modules, faculty common modules, elective modules and mandatory modules. The M.Sc. program also has subject modules related to research methodology, social aspects of science and technology and training of soft skills. Modules are delivered serially. Lecture delivery based on multimedia, hands on experience in subject laboratory and modelling/simulation based laboratory sessions form key features of course instruction. More time is allotted for self‐study than what is being done in other universities. Greater time is allotted for self‐initiated project dissertation when compared with other universities.

The M.Sc. program has provision for students to work in national/international laboratories and to transfer credits towards completion of the course. MSRUAS has a number of post graduate programmes in various branches of engineering. Interdisciplinary teaching and research is encouraged in MSRUAS. In summary, the M.Sc. program is carefully designed to hone students' skills to take up a career in research/ teaching.

Our vision is to train postgraduates with advanced knowledge and understanding of the subject of their specialisation. MSRUAS will strive to impart the necessary skills expected of a post graduate student to embark his career in teaching/research and meet the expectations of academia and research.

- Prof. Deepak A. S.


The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences has four departments

  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics

Each department is an independent entity headed by a Head of the Department reporting to the Dean of the faculty. Each department has its own faculty members, teaching and learning resources and offers PG programme leading PG programmes leading to M.Sc., and Doctoral programme leading to Ph. D. degree. In the B. Tech, B. Des, B. Pharm, M.Com and MHA programme, the departments of FMPS plays a supportive role to the FET (Faculty of Engineering and Technology), FAD (Faculty of Art and Design), FPH (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Academic Registrar Registrar

Dr. T. Niranjana Prabhu
Department Head of the Department UG Programmes Offered PG Programmes Offered
(MSc Degree)
Physics Physics

Dr. Vikas M. Shelar

B.Sc.(Hons) - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics


Chemistry Niranjana Prabhu

Dr. T. Niranjana Prabhu
Mathematics Deepak A. S.

Dr. Deepak A. S.