Training and Lifelong Learning

In the present world, for a professional to lead a successful career both education and skills are important. Normally, a graduate will have almost 45 years of professional life. During this professional life, it is necessary that he/she needs to re-skill quite often to sustain himself/herself in the chosen profession. The Training and Lifelong Learning division has been created to develop and deliver skill development programmes to skill the University students, alumni and associates as per the dynamic requirements of industry and business.

Mission Statement

The Directorate of Training and Lifelong Learning at MSRUAS strives to impart skills to align the human resources to meet the dynamic requirements of industry and business.

Director’s Message:


All education must serve its end purpose, of enriching society. Academia while involved in research can greatly benefit from real life problems while industry can benefit from the vast reservoir of knowledge in academia for skilling, re skilling and up skilling.  The Directorate seeks to bridge the gap between academia and industry to ensure that both have a mutually beneficial partnership. The experience gained from industry is then ploughed into the mainstream curriculum, thereby raising the bar of academics to higher real time standards.

The Directorate, by means of credited and non credited programmes run a series of graduate and post graduate certification programs of varying duration, largely by skill development in various streams. The directorate, through the faculty, has also conducted over 700 corporate training programmes for leading corporates around the country. We also conduct seminars and workshops to bring  leaders in industry and academia together to discuss and define newer avenues of development, that benefit the participants comprising largely of students, faculty and industry representatives. The Directorate also helps coordinate the development of User Orientated Post Graduate Courses, a Master’s programmes for industry, customized  to their specific technical requirements.

The courses offered by the directorate are based on the need of the times and follow the ethos of the University of “ An outcome based curriculum”. The participant in these courses can expect quicker employment or faster progress along their career path by following the reskilling and upskilling path.

- Mr. Arup Bhattacharya

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