Sl. No. Project Title
Embedded Electronics

Graphical Display Panel for a Multi-sensor Data Acquisition System


DTMF decoder based Station Control Unit

3 A.V. Modular Testing
4 Train Actuated Warning Device
5 RFID based Time Attendance & Access control system
6 Developing CAN Nodes for Automotive Applications
7 Design & Development of Electronic Machine Tool controller
8 Design of Electronic Gas Regulator
9 Development of Active RFID Reader & TAG
10 Development of Automatic Side View Mirror controller
11 Development of ECU for Semi active suspension system (M R Damper)
12 Development of Robotic Arm for Coconut harvester machine
13 Development of Petrol To CNG converter
14 Development of Electronic Steering System-EPAS
15 Development of Semi active suspension system using MR Damper
16 Development of Android OS based Home Automation Products
17 Critical review on Technology & Market trend of Motors
18 Design and Development of Low cost Wi-Fi Switch/Sensor Interface unit
19 Design and Development of cash filling sensing and Cash Bag sealing technology for Cash Deposit Machine
20 Design and Development of Electronically Actuated Valve Control System for Water Filters
21 Development of Human Detection and Counting on Embedded DSP Platform
22 Development of Optical Character Recognition Algorithm
23 Design and Development of Hybrid controller for Battery Charging
24 Design of Brushless Gimbal for UAV
25 Design and Development of TI CC32XX based wireless service port adopter
26 Design and Development of Female Urine Collection Cup
27 Electronics System Design and Development for High FRR Equipment
28 Live Line Indicateor
29 Design & Development of Electronic metering device for Ground nuts sowing machine
30 Design & Development of Electronic metering device for Ground nuts sowing machine
VLSI System Design
31 Implementation of Digital Up & Down Converter on FPGA
32 Development of SPARTAN-3 FPGA based Activity Detector

Unmanned Ground Vehicle & Micro Air Vehicle

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Product level view of the machine tool controller

Ees 5