Study Abroad and Student Exchange Programmes

Study abroad

What is Study Abroad Programme (SAP)?
Students pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programme at MSRUAS can spend a few weeks/months in a foreign university and earn specified credits. UG students can spend up to 8 weeks after completion of sixth semester and before the start of 7th semester. PG students can spend up to 5 weeks during their elective module schedule. PhD students can spend considerable amount of time and carry out part of their research work.

Why Study Abroad Programme?
This programme intends to provide an additional educational, cultural, social and environmental exposure to students in addition to the existing experience in the University. This helps students of UG and PG to understand their likely future work environment and also gives an idea on higher education, if they would like to pursue abroad. PhD students can choose a professor of choice/university/laboratory to complete part of his/her work.

Where can students do this programme?
Students can do this programme in any of the Universities we have an Understanding. We have signed MoUs with universities in the UK, USA and Russia. The list of universities is available with ICPM Officer and Executive (International Affairs). We continue to sign MoUs Universities in other countries too. But students can go to any other University if they have developed links on their own. Students can also do their study abroad programme in an industry or research laboratory located abroad. The University will facilitate students with the necessary documents for travel and help them get accommodation. The University may suggest to the partnered overseas universities regarding what experience should be given to the students of MSRUAS.

What do the students learn in this programme?
As mentioned earlier the programme helps students to get an additional educational experience. They will also be exposed to different weather, geographical, historical, social and cultural environment which may provide new experience and inspiration to the students.

Who will pay the expenses for undergoing this programme?
The student has to bear the expenses and the University will only facilitate. The University may help to get scholarships in certain situations.

If you cannot afford what do we do? How do we fulfil the credit requirements?
It is not necessary for you to go abroad. You can do the similar programme in any University in India or industry, business firm in India or you can fulfil the requirements through a mini project.

How the University Assesses and awards credits?
The concerned department assesses and awards grades based on presentation and reports submitted by the students.

Whom do we contact for guidance on SAP?
If you are interested in Study Abroad programme, fill outStudents International Internship Registration Form for processing and approvals with concerned faculty and administrators. Form can be downloaded in two formats, .pdf and MSWord.

The timeline for the programme is: the fifth semester of your UG programme, fifth module of your PG programme, and you can discuss with PVC research along with your supervisor, if you are doing your PhD programme. ICPM Officer and Executive (International Affairs) will advise and assist in organizing your travel abroad.

Is there a minimum number of candidates expected to participate in this programme?
Any number of students can participate in a program. However, many universities expect about 10 students in a group for undertaking an international internship.

The Program fees of the Universities, which have signed the agreement with MSRUAS for the international internships on the exchange basis, are normally waived off. However, there will be still expenses for the international travel and local expenses borne by applicants. For example, local accommodation expenses. Even then, the host universities may offer concessional price for their dormitory, guest house or hostel accommodation. The Universities may charge certain amount of fees for providing the services.

Thus students should be prepared for University fee, travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs.

Students International Internship Registration Form (MS Word Format) : Download

Students International Internship Registration Form (PDF Format) : Download

E-Brochure : Download