Hobby Clubs

Many of the students want to cultivate a hobby but are really lazy to start. Being part of a hobby club might just be that push the students need to overcome inertia and get out of their regular activities and pursue something which fascinates them. If you want to have a life beyond study, the University suggests the students to join one of the hobby clubs. The various hobby clubs of the university include:

1. Quiz Club

Any student who has been a Quiz enthusiast or has participated in Quiz competitions or has access to a “wealth” of question bank or is in touch with Quiz Associations may be a member of the club. This club will help the students in

  • Accumulation and retention of knowledge in a real life situation
  • Encourage independent study
  • Build self esteem
  • Empower students with a new understanding of what has been, what is now and what can be

This team will keep MSRUAS flag flying high in National and International fora. Any student interested to join Quiz Club need to contact

Mr. Jyothi Shankar
Director – TSLD
Email: director.tsld@msruas.ac.in

2. Dramatics Club

For any student or staff member who is a theatre enthusiast and wants to give wings to his/her imagination on and off stage, the University has created a dramatics club. This club will involve members in Conceptualizing, Scripting, Acting, Composing Music, Choreographing, Stage Crafting, etc. This journey will consist of brain storming sessions, seminars, training (in voice modulation, rules of utterance, acting, use of theatrical space, stage crafting, directing etc.), sessions on meditation and breathing exercise….and many more. This club will conceptualize a theme with a certain academic, social, political and ethical connotations and will ideate a script to be staged in National and International competitions. Any student interested to join Dramatics Club need to contact

Mr. Jyothi Shankar
Director – TSLD
Email: director.tsld@msruas.ac.in

3. Debating Club

Debate is part of life. It occurs in all type of situations; social interactions, political meetings, court proceedings, business transactions, academic preparations.

Debate is part of any profession. Majority of complex and important decisions are made debating over the subject involving the important stake holders. Debating is an important skill for all upcoming managers. We have seen over the years that one who is good in debating can convince others with his/her ideas and wins over and climbs the ladder faster. All leaders are invariably good debaters.

We at MSRUAS understand very well the necessity of honing this critical skill in our students for their all-round development and decided to start the club with the following goals and objectives:

  • To improve students communicative abilities
  • To develop and generate their critical thinking skills into primary issues in a given topic and logically putting forward their ideas
  • To understand and communicate various forms of arguments effectively in a variety of contexts
  • To conduct researches using multiple sources to support a position in a debate
  • To realize the simultaneous opportunities for leadership and group participation
  • To meet and interact with students from other schools in the context of a social and intellectual activity
  • To provide opportunities for students to practice, share and compare their skills at intercollegiate, interuniversity and national and international level
  • To participate effectively in situations where decisions must be made
Any student interested to join Debate Club need to contact
Mr. Jyothi Shankar
Director – TSLD
Email: director.tsld@msruas.ac.in

4. Photography Club

The University has started a Photography Club for enthusiasts of this hobby. The main aim of this club is to take up activities like photo trips, inter active sessions by experts and themes on which photos can be clicked and conduct exhibition on the same. There will be many activities for developing interested people to become professional photographers. Any student interested to join Photography club need to contact:

Dr. Arun Rao
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Email: raoar.me.et@msruas.ac.in

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