Dream Teams

Students who dream to build advanced racing vehicles, vehicles running on renewable energies, launching vehicles, micro satellites, micro air vehicles, UGVs, robots, bio-medical equipment, autonomous under water vehicles etc., are encouraged to build such products and take part in international competitions.

Each team of students will be guided by an Evangelist.

  • They are undergraduate students run teams
  • Every Dream Team will have an Evangelist/Mentor
  • Each Team will have ( 5 student from 4th year+ 5 Students from 3rd Year + 5 students from Second year)
  • The Dream Teams continue to work on their respective project year on year and take part in international competition. The continuity is maintained through junior team members and Evangelist/Mentors
  • Students can be from any discipline of engineering, art and design and Management Postgraduate students as part of their group project can work with these teams
  • University provide 10% of total project cost not exceeding Rs. 1.0 lakh as financial support for each team per year and all the technical support and facilities, remaining finances have to be raised through sponsorship

Fourteen Dream Team groups have already been created - (Dream Team Groups).

Any student interested to join a Dream Team need to - Contact

Dream team