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RUAS Debate Club has Secured the Prizes at British Parliamentary Debate - 2019

Directorate of Transferable Skills and Leadership Development (DTSLD) facilitated and guided the RUAS Debate Club in successfully organizing the second edition of the British Parliamentary Debate - 2019 on the 21st and 22nd of November 2019.

The aim of this competition was to provide a platform to budding public speakers, and anyone willing to learn the art. 20 teams and 10 Adjudicators participated in this prestigious event. The results are as follows-

  • 1st Prize - Meghana and Mayur of FPH (B.Pharm. 1st Year) – Rs. 3000/-
  • 2nd Prize - Mohan Raj and Pranav Sree Ganesh of FET (B.Tech. 4th Year) – Rs. 2000/-
  • Best Adjudicator - Nikhil C. Balfour of FET(B.Tech. 4th year) – Rs. 1000/-
  • Best Speaker - Anand Derick of FAD (B.Des. 1st year) – Rs. 1000/-

  • Debate pc19

RUAS Debate Club has Secured the Prizes at People's Conference 2019

RUAS Debate Club is proud to have secured the awards at The People's Conference 2019, held during 19th-21st October 2019 held at PES University, Bangaluru. The RUAS delegation has secured the following prizes

  • Gaurav- Best delegate award in the Continuous Crisis Committee as the representative of Egypt. The Prize includes a certificate and cash award of Rs 10,000.
  • Aravind Yatish Belur - served as the Vice-Chairperson of the Continuous Crisis Committee for the duration of the conference. The Prize includes a certificate and cash award of Rs 6,000.

  • The other members of the delegation were:
  • Thejas Aradhya – 5th Semester, B.Tech, AAE
  • Deeksha Rao – 5th Semester, B.Tech, AAE
  • Jishnu H D – 5th Semester, B.Tech, AAE
  • Shashank Vissom– 5th Semester, B.Tech, AAE
  • Himanshu Jain 3rd Semester B.Tech CSE
  • Ashle – 1st Semester, B.Pharm
  • Jagat Joshi – 7th Semester, B. Tech, MME
  • Rhitesh Balu – 3rd Semester, B.Tech, CSE
  • Dhanwin Sunil, 1st Semester, B. Des
  • Anwesha Sarkar-B Pharma 3rd sem
  • Sanjeevini M 7th sem B. Tech ECE
  • Sukanya Shet 3rd Semester B.Tech CSE
  • Tejaswini P 3rd Semester B.TECH CSE
  • Ahan A Swamy 3rd Semester BSc. FMPS
  • Rama 3rd Semester B.Tech CSE

  • Vitmun

RUAS Debate Club has Secured the Prizes at VITMUN

Debate Club of RUAS has secured the prizes at Vellore Institute of Technology Model United Nations (VITMUN) held on 6th, 7th and 8th September 2019 at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. The RUAS delegation has secured the following prizes

  1. Mr. Aravind Yatish Belur (5th Semester, B.Tech, ECE) secured the Best Delegate award (which includes a certificate and cash prize of Rs 15000/) in the Council to Halt the Annihilation of States (CHAOS) as the representative of The United States of America
  2. Ms. Vaishnavi Deepak (5th Semester, B.Tech, CSE) secured the Best Delegate award (which includes a certificate and cash prize of Rs 15000/) in the UN Human Rights Council as the representative of The United States of America
  3. Mr. Shaunak Kamtikar (1st Semester B. Pharm) secured the Verbal Mention award in the Lok Sabha as the Minister of External Affairs of India, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar

  4. The other members of the delegation were:
  5. Kishan Nayanam – 3rd Semester, B.Tech, ECE
  6. Deeksha Rao – 5th Semester, B.Tech, AAE
  7. Jishnu H D – 5th Semester, B.Tech, AAE
  8. Ashle – 1st Semester, B.Pharm
  9. Jagat Joshi – 7th Semester, B. Tech, MME
  10. Rhitesh Balu – 3rd Semester, B.Tech, CSE
  11. Anand Dereck, 1st Semester, B. Des

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FLAHS Biotechnology and Food Technology Students Won Overall Winners Trophy in “JEEVOTSAV 2019”

Students of Biotechnology and Food Technology of FLAHS won prizes in several events and bagged the Overall winners trophy in “JEEVOTSAV 2019”- an Intercollegiate Science fest organized by the Dept. of Life Science, CHRIST deemed to be University, Bangalore held on 19th August 2019.

  • True Detective (1st place) - Shruthi (Biotechnology 1st Sem), Medha(Biotechnology 1st Sem), Dharmarajan (Biotechnology 1st Sem)
  • True Detective (2nd place) - Sasmitha D Singh (Biotechnology 3rd Sem), Svarnarupa Balajee (Biotechnology 3rd Sem), Sanjana D A (Biotechnology 3rd Sem)
  • Sketching (2nd place) - Abhirami Chandran (Biotechnology 3rd Sem), Ayesha K(Biotechnology 3rd Sem)
  • Marketing Genius (2nd place) - Misbah, Sanjana, Vineeth (Biotechnology)
  • JAM (2nd place) - Nachiketh (Food Technology 3rd Sem)
  • Best out of waste (1st place) - Ranjith Yadav (Biotechnology 3rd Sem), Sushma Gowda (Biotechnology 1st Sem)
  • Pot Pourri (3rd place) - Nithish (Biotechnology 3rd Sem), Pratik (Biotechnology 3rd Sem), Shashank (Biotechnology 3rd Sem)

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B.Tech. Students Selected for Grand Finale of the International Project Innovation Challenge-IEEE YESIST12 Age of innovation 2019

RUAS, FET, B.Tech. 6th Semester Students of ECE, Mr. Ramesh Kempasatti, Mr. Samarth S Kulkarni, Mr. Shubhang Johari and Mr. Tushar participated with their Project 1, of 6th semester, entitled “Smart Helmet System with Accidental Alert and Bike Tracking” has emerged as finalist of the Preliminary competition of IEEE YESIST12 age of innovation 2019, a Project innovation challenge competition.

The four member team is going to compete in the Grand Finale of the international project innovation challenge to be held in Stamford International University, Thailand, on 7th & 8th Sep. 2019. Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology is sponsoring the round trip flight tickets for all the four students.

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B.Tech. Student Won First Prize in the Technological Debates

RUAS FET B.Tech. student Mr Raghavendra P. H. Won the First Prize in the technological Debate “Industry 4.0 Boon or Bane” and also Won First Prize in the technological Debate “Current Education System Good or Bad” in the Design and Innovation Clinic Competition held at CMTI, Banglore, during March 16-18, 2019.

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B.Tech. Students Won Second Prize in the Design and Innovation Clinic Competition

RUAS FET B.Tech. students Mr. Mohan Raj (Mechanical Dept.), Mr. Abdul Hadi (Mechanical Dept.), Mr. Anuraj S. Vasisht (Mechanical Dept.) and Mr. Raghavendra P. H., (ECE) Won the Second prize in the "Design and Innovation Clinic" Competition, held during March 16-18, 2019 at CMTI Bangalore. Theme of the competition was "Smart Manufacturing Systems in Industry 4.0"(Machine Tools, Sub Systems, IOT in Manufacturing, Software for Smart Manufacturing).

  • Antaheen

Team Antaheen Again!!!

Team Antaheen of Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences participated in the district level prelims conducted by V-Jay School of Dance on the 08.07.18 which was held at East West Institute of Technology, Anjananagar, and got selected for the finale. The dance was based on the theme ‘Woman Empowerment’.

The finale was held on 09.02.19 at Sir Puttanna Chetty Town Hall in which the team secured first runner up position in the Senior Group Dance category. A cash prize of Rs. 25,000 was awarded. The dance was based on the theme ‘Child labour’ choreographed by Satvik Mahajan.

The members of the team are:Shivani R K, Monica D Priya, Reshma Srikanth, Priyanka Kabadi (All B.Tech. ECE 4th year), Vignesh Kumar, Tejas Chandrashekar (All B.Tech. Mech 4th year), Pooja Lakshman B.Tech.(CSE) 4th year, Suma Devang B.Tech.(Civil) 4th year, Niveditha J, Rohan Bharadwaj, Sanjeevini Mehendale, Kavya Venugopal (All B Tech ECE 3rd year),Vishwanath Bhave, Prapul (All B.Tech. Mech 2nd year), Thanushree B.Tech.(CSE) 2nd year and Jhanavi R T B.Tech.(Civil) 1st year.

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RUAS Students Triumph at the “New Vistas in Science and Technology for Common Good”

Govt. of Karnataka’s “Karnataka Science and Technology Academy” conducted its 11th Annual Conference in Association with NMKRV College for Women with the theme “New Vistas in Science and Technology for Common Good”. Five post-graduate students from the Dept. of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, RUAS participated in this conference and presented their posters.

Ms. Kalashanti R Pyngrope, II M.Pharm secured the 2nd prize with a cash award of Rs.10,000/- and Ms. Radhika M.N, II M.Pharm won the consolation prize with a cash award of Rs.5,000/-. They also gave a oral presentation at the conference. Dr. G. Paramehswara, Deputy Chief Minister, Govt. of Karnataka was the Chief Guest for the event

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Debate Club Shines at Hindustan Young Leaders’ Conference

RUAS Debate club team participated and secured 2nd place in the overall scoring in the 'Hindustan Young Leaders’ Conference held at KCG College of Technology, Chennai during 25th to 27th January 2019. The following Students won the awards.

  1. Mr.Aravind Y. Belur, 2nd year B.Tech (E&C), won the “Best Delegate” award in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (UNGA-DISEC) as the representative of Ukraine
  2. Ms. Vaishnavi Deepak, 2nd year B.Tech (CS), won the “Best Delegate” award in the UN Human Rights Council as the representative of The Human Rights Watch

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Students of Biotechnology and Food Processing & Technology of FLAHS won prizes in several events and bagged the Overall best performance trophy in BIOGALA 2019- an intercollegiate fest organized by the Dept. of Life Science, CHRIST deemed to be University, Bangalore held on 22nd January 2019.

  • True Detective (1st place) - Bhavya, Sasmitha , Swarnarupa (Biotechnology)
  • Sketching (1st place) - Simran, Chandrika (Food Processing & Technology)
  • Marketing Genius (2nd place) - Misbah, Sanjana, Vineeth (Biotechnology)
  • JAM (2nd place) - Misbah (Biotechnology)
  • Treasure Hunt (3rd place) - Dhruva, Dharvin, Pooja (Food Processing & Technology)

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Debate Club Team Makes RUAS Proud

The RUAS Debate club team participated The People’s Conference at PES University, Bengaluru, conducted on 3rd, 4th and 5th November 2018 and have secured Four awards.

  • Commendable Delegation Award (3rd place). 25 Colleges and Universities from different parts of the country participated in this prestigious event.
  • Best Delegate Award – Mr. Aravind Y Belur (a Certificate and a cash prize of Rs.10,000/-). Aravind secured the award in the Joint Crisis Committee (Central) as the representative of Paul Von Hindenburg (He was a General Field Marshall and Statesman who commanded the German military during the second half of World War I before later being elected President of the Weimar Republic in 1925). Aravind Belur is a 3rd semester student of B.Tech (ECE)
  • This is the first time any of our debate team member has secured the highest award available in a committee as a part of the delegation in a prestigious MUN (Model United Nations Conference)
  • Honorable Delegate Award – Ms. Vaishnavi Deepak (a certificate). Vaishnavi secured the award in UN Human Rights Council as the representative of The Russian Federation. Vaishnavi is a 3rd semester student of B.Tech (CSE)
  • Honorable Delegate Award – Mr. Gaurav (a certificate). Gaurav secured the award as the representative of the French Republic in the Joint Crisis Committee (Allied). Gaurav is a 3rd semester student of B.Tech (EEE)
The other members in RUAS delegation participated and awarded participation certificates were: Mr. Harshvardhan Rau – 5th semester, B.Tech (MME), Ms. Amulya N – 3d semester, B.Tech (CSE), Mr. Jagath Raj – 5th semester, B.Tech (MME), Ms. Aisha S – 3rd semester, B.Tech (CSE), Ms. Deeksha Rao – 3rd semester, B.Tech (ASE), Mr. Jishnu H D – 3rd semester, B.Tech (ASE), Mr. Raghavendra P H – 5th semester, B.Tech (ECE)

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ADVIT 2018 - National Level Inter-Collegiate Hospitality Fest

The Hospitality Club @ FHMCT conducted ADVIT- 2018 a National Level Inter-Collegiate Hospitality Fest on 26th and 27th March 2018. The 2-day fest saw a plethora of students from Hotel Management and other colleges across South India.The fest comprised of technical events such as culinary competition, bartending competition, best hotel manager challenge, technical quiz, terrarium making, and cultural events such as mime, fashion show, dance, battle of the bands. Student participants from other Faculties of RUAS were also present.The fest also featured food fair with students putting up food stalls as part of the entrepreneurial challenge.

Day 1 the fest started with a lamp lighting ceremony and soon after that the technical competitions started at various venues of FHMCT. Judges were invited from the industry. The Hotels also sponsored few prizes for the students. The students got exposure in various other aspects of Management like marketing, promotion, fetching sponsorship, coordinating events, administration etc. After the competitions were done with, a bartending event was put up by a bar school named Bar Square. Faculty and students from RUAS were also present to witness the show.

Day 2 was all about talent, fun, food and frolic! Events such as personality challenge, fashion show, battle of the bands, beat boxing, group and solo dance etc. brought in scores of students from across the University and other invited colleges. The common mood was merry, energetic and friendly. Of course, the food fair and music added to the electric ambience.

The prize distribution ceremony involved jury members from the Hospitality, Fashion and Entertainment Industries awarding winners with trophies, certificates and gift vouchers. IIHM, Hyderabad bagged the rolling trophy of ADVIT-2018. The fest ended on a euphoric note with the DJ playing upbeat dance numbers for all present there.

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B.Des. Student Stood Top at National Level CEED Exam Conducted by IIT Bombay

Ms. Afshaar, B.Des., Product Design - 2014 batch from Faculty of Art and Design has topped the National Level CEED exam conducted by IIT Bombay this year. CEED exam or the Common Entrance Exam for Design was conducted in 21 Cities across the country and our students’ achievement is the highlight of the national level event.

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Team FHMCT Wins Prizes at International Trade Fair

Students of FHMCT won may prizes at #ProMillets - the Millet Product Display Challenge for Young Chefs at the Organics and Millets 2018 - International Trade Fair held on 21st January 2018 in Palace Grounds, Bangalore. Jury members were experts from the renowned South India Culinary Association (SICA)

The prize winners are: Manaswi of Batch 2015 – Gold, Siddharth G and Santhosh Pof Batch 2015 – Silver, Suryah and Vinith of Batch 2015 – Bronze and Gowri of Batch 2017 – Bronze. Medal

FHMCT team was allotted a stall at the Karnataka Pavilion wherein they displayed delectable bakery products made with millets. They received tremendous response with many guests asking for recipes and wanting to purchase the products.

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BHM students participate in National level competition

Students from FHMCT participated at Chandiwala Hospitality Ensemble 2017, hosted by the Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, New Delhi. This National inter-collegiate event has a history of 15 years and was held from the 11th to the 13th of October 2017. Eva Mariam, Hazel Carolyn, Kiran Kumar, Krishna K. Menon and Vinith Veerappa were the participants representing FHMCT at the competition. The students were tested on their technical skills through competitions on management skills, culinary aptitude, bartending and designing. It was a great learning curve for our students and a proud moment when they ended up overall 7th among the 42 colleges that came from across the nation.

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RUAS Students Won the First Place for Their Urban Vehicle Concept

RUAS team of M.Tech APD students won the First Prize in Best Design of PUMA Project within Team 5 for their urban vehicle concept and the same design will be developed as a product for next year global Competition.

Team Details:
1. Mr. Sachin V
2. Mr. Manoj R. Kulkarni
3. Mr. Prashant M.

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Robotics Dream Team Won Prize - ROBODIUM@ASE-RASE’17 (Sponsored by IEEE)

FET students bagged THIRD place and awarded a cash prize of Rs. 3000/- in the competition ROBODIUM @ ASE- RASE'17 an Annual National Level Robotic Competition organized by Amrita Club for Robotics and Mechnatronics(ACROM) in association with IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, Bangalore Chapter held at Amrita Vishwa Vidtapeetham University, Bangalore campus on 8th and 9th of April 2017. There were 50 teams took part in LIFO–The Line Follower Robot competition.

Team Details:
1. Ravi Kanth Verma (4th sem ECE)
2. Varsha (4th sem EEE)
3. Chandrala (4th sem ECE)
4. Rahul Singh (6th sem EEE)

1. Kiran Kumar B M. Asst. Professor (EEE)
2. Harsha A R. Asst. Professor (EEE)

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FAD Students Bag Top-2 Prizes

Students of Faculty of Art and Design participated in 'Furore', an intercollege fest hosted by Dayanand Sagar University on Friday, 31 March 2017. Our students bagged 1st and 2nd prize in painting competition. The event was named “No Idea” and the theme was Fantasy or SciFi. There were two members in each team and the duration of the contest was 2 hours. In the first hour one member of the team had to paint on the theme and in the second hour the other member had to continue the painting work started by the first member. Team members were not allowed to discuss during the competition. The first prize was bagged by Abhinay and Tarun both from 2nd year B Des and the 2nd prize was bagged by Vibha (1st year B Des) and Ruthwik (2nd year B Des). A total of 9 students had taken part in various events from our University.  

  • Iot and hacking tricks

B.Tech.(CSE) Students Win Second Prize

B.Tech.-CSE students have won the second prize in IoT and Hacking Tricks Workshop conducted at Rajarajeshwari College of Engineering on 23rd and 24th March 2017. They have been selected to participate in the finals at IIT Delhi during the International Technical Championship, 2017.  The students' names are: Shubham, Venkat and Roy, 4th Semester Manoj and Srinivas, 2nd Semester.  

  • Pace competition

M.Tech. APD Students Won "PACE PUMA Design Competition 2017"

Mr. Sachin V and Mr. Manoj Kulkarni students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology(FET) M.Tech. Automotive Product Design(APD) won the first and second place in PACE PUMA Design Competition held on February 2017. Students were competing with various design Universities to meet the Personal Urban Mobility Access challenge (PUMA). Totally 8 designer submitted their design for this competition.

As a winning designers, winning students are invited to participate with Team5 and bring the concept to the next phase of the project which will be presented at the PACE Forum in Toluca, Mexico in July 2017.

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BHM Students Grab Many Prizes

Students of Hospitality Management & Catering Technology participated in various events in T John Hotel Management College on 16 and 17 March 2017 and won may prizes the details of which is given below:

  • 1st place- Treasure Hunt- Kinjalk, Joyraj, Tilak
  • 1st Place- Napkin folding- Samyukta
  • 1st place- Mind bogglers- Dawood, Krishna, Vinuthna, Hazel
  • 1st place- Entertainment quiz- Samyukta, Joyraj
  • 2nd place-Entertainment quiz- Tilak, kinjalk
  • 2nd place-Solo dance- Krishna Menon
  • 2nd place-Pot painting- Eva
  • 2nd place -Towel art- Anvitha

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MDS & BDS Students Win Laurels in Various Competitions

  1. Dr. Marin Abraham (2nd year) - Best Scientific Poster – ‘Glandular Odontogenic Cyst Diagnosed with CK 19’ National Triple O Symposium, KLE Institute Belgaum
  2. Dr. Snehashish & Dr. Karuna Kumari (3rd year) 1st Prize in Oral Pathology Quiz – SCOPE held at Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai 

    Undergraduates Third Year BDS
  1. Ms. Ritika Jenoor/Ms. Manal Iqbal – Best Scientific Paper –‘Malignant Transformation’ Quest – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  2. Ms. Dyuti Reddy/Ms. Vaishali –Best Scientific Poster – ‘Evolutionary new analgesic molecule human saliva - Opiorphin’ –Quest – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  3. Ms. Manisha Thomas/Ms. Manisha Rahman/Ms. Manasa Samuel –‘Digital Pathology – A foreseen revolution in histopathology’ - Best Scientific Poster – Quest – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  4. Ms. Harishma – 2nd Prize -Best Scientific Poster– ‘A virtual tour in pathology’ – held at Davangere 

      Prizes Won in Recent Events-2017-General

    First Year BDS
  1. Ms. Nidhi Santhosh/Ms. Nida Abid/Ms. Diya Jayanth/Ms. Arya Bhangui/Ms. Tenzin Nyiden – First Prize Collage – Million Dollar Smile – Coorg

  2. Second Year BDS
  3. Ms. Ashwini/Ms. Shravani – 3rd Prize in Quiz– Quest – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  4. Ms. Tanisha/Ms. Ashwini/Ms. Meghana/Ms. Avanti – 1st Prize Treasure Hunt - Quest – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  5. Ms. Samruddhi/Ms. Sakshi/Ms. Karen – 2rd Prize Treasure Hunt – 2nd Prize Treasure Hunt - Quest – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  6. Ms. Ankita/Ms. Bharath/Ms. Manvita – 3rd Prize Treasure Hunt – 3rd Prize Treasure Hunt - Quest – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg

  7. Third Year BDS
  8. Ms. Dyuthi – 2nd Prize Treasure Hunt –Treasure Hunt - Quest – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  9. Ms. Divyanshi - 3rdPrize Treasure Hunt – Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  10. Ms. Dyuthi/Ms. Nivas/ Ms. Saumya Mishra – 3rd Place Quiz - Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg
  11. Ms. Sugandha/Ms. Rashmi Ashok/Ms. Vaishali/Mr. Aditya Jain – 2nd Prize Table Clinic - Graduate Dental Science Extravaganza, Coorg

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Best Poster Presentation Award in "7th Pharmaceutical Care Conference, Muscat"

Mr. Sri Harsha Chalasani, Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy has bagged the "BEST POSTER PRESENTATION" award at 7th Pharmaceutical Care Conference, Muscat held on 22 & 23 February 2017.

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Design Students on Top

Ms. Vibha (1st Year) and Mr. Abhinav (2nd Year), B.Design students of Faculty of Art and Design bagged 1st and 2nd prize respectively in Monochrome Competition held at In-Bloom, a national-level cultural festival organised annually by Christ University, Bengaluru held on 4 Feb 2017. Approximately 25 colleges from different parts of India had participated in the event.

Faculty of Art & Design had 20 enthusiastic participants who had taken part in various events such as Pot Art, Caricature, Painting Relay, Photography, Monochrome, etc. Theme for Monochrome Competition was Human Expression.

  • Pace

M.Tech Students Shine

Students of FT-15 M Tech Automotive Engineering, Vijay Dominic and Sooraj won the 2nd Prize in PACE Course Competition on Siemens UG-NX conducted at PES University on 25 January 2017 in association with PACE (Partners for Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education). Totally seven teams participated in the final round of UG-NX competition from various institutions.

The objective of this competition is to cultivate innovative part modeling ideas, and unleash the creative talents of students in product design and innovation. This platform provides an opportunity for students to get trained with the best professionals from the industry.

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FMC students participate in Intercollegiate Marketing Exhibition

Final year students of Faculty of Management and Commerce, Mr.Rajeev Prasad, Mr.Syed Umraj Aqib, Ms.Shweta R Naik, Mr.Dananjay Guleria, Mr.Rajeev M and Ms.B Sahithi participated in an Intercollegiate Marketing theme exhibition organized by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's MP Birla Institute of Management, Bangalore on 13 January 2017. The team was placed fourth and awarded certificate of excellence.

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Dental Students Attend International Conference

Five students of 3rd year of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, RUAS attended a conference in Faculty of Dentistry, Melaka- Maniple Medical College, Maniple University, Malaysia on 22nd December 2016.

The students presented two e-posters titled:
1. Bio-terrorism: catastrophe- preparedness in dental health care professionals.
2. Evolutionary analgesic molecule in human saliva: OPIORPHIN.

The posters were well accepted and the topics were appreciated. There were in all 26 e-posters from different parts of the globe. This has given an insight into the international standards of conducting e-posters and dental quiz. This was a unique opportunity for the students and staff of Faculty of Dental Sciences. The University got recognition and fame at the international forum.

  • 3

FET Students Participated ROBOVR - India’s 1st Robot Sports Competition! at IIT BOMBAY

Fifth Semester EEE students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) had participated in ROBOVR – INDIA’s 1st Robot Sports competition in IIT Bombay under Robo Bowling Category, conducted by High-Tech Robotics company on 17th and 18th December 2016.

Team Members:
V S N Sitaramgupta V. (Coach)
Akshay Shankarnarayan Hedge
Rahul Singh
Prajwal S

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FET Students (Batch-2) Won Prizes at "World Robotic Olympiad (WRO)" Nationals and Participated in Internationals

Third Year EEE students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) has secured 2nd Rank in Advanced Robotics Challenge at WRO nationals organized by India STEM Foundation held in Kolkata during October 22-23 2016 and got selected for WRO internationals held for the first time in INDIA at Delhi on 25th Nov to 27th Nov 2016. For the first time, teams represented INDIA for Advanced Robotics Challenge (ARC) at internationals and Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) students are part of it.

World Robotic Olympiad (WRO) Nationals : 2nd Rank:
Team Name: Yantrik
V S N Sitaramgupta V. (Coach)
Akshay Shankarnarayan Hedge
Rahul Singh

World Robotic Olympiad (WRO) internationals: Participated 
Team Name: Yantrik
V S N Sitaramgupta V. (Coach)
Akshay Shankarnarayan Hedge
Rahul Singh
Prajwal S

View Competition Videos

  • Batch1 1
  • Batch1 2
  • Batch1 3

FET Students (Batch-1) Won FIRST Prize in the "World Robotic Olympiad (WRO)" National competition and participated in Internationals

Third Year students and faculty of Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) has secured 1st Rank in Open Advanced Robotics Challenge at WRO nationals organized by India STEM Foundation held in Kolkata during October 22-23 2016 and got selected for WRO internationals held for the first time in INDIA at Delhi on 25th Nov to 27th Nov 2016. For the first time, teams represented INDIA for Open Advanced Robotics Challenge (OARC) at internationals and Ramaiah University students are part of it.

World Robotic Olympiad (WRO) Nationals : 1st Rank:
Team Name: Dream Team
Kiran Kumar B M (Coach)
Seshagopalan T M
Raghavendra Swamy
Madhurya R

World Robotic Olympiad (WRO) internationals: Participated 
Team Name: Yantrik
Kiran Kumar B M (Coach)
Seshagopalan T M
Raghavendra Swamy
Madhurya R

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Pharm.D Students Win Prizes at World Congress-2016

Fifth and Sixth year Pharm.D students of Faculty of Pharmacy participated in the events of INDUSEM (India-United States Emergency Medicine) WORLD CONGRESS – 2016 on 16 Oct 2016 and won 1st and 2nd prizes in four events. The events were organised by the Accident and Emergency Medicine, MSRMH and students from GEF (M) institutions participated. The award winners were offered a complementary entry to attend a two days INDUSEM Conference at St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru on 22 & 23 Oct 2016.

B.Pharm and Pharm D students also participated in the walkathon between Vidhansoudha and Raj Bhavan on 16 Oct 2016 and to create awareness on ‘Prevention of Injury and End Organ Damage’. 

Simulation: I Prize:
Ms Jenny Susan Sabu (VI Pharm D)
Ms K Tasmiya (VI Pharm D)
Mr Jinin S Mathew (VI Pharm D)
Ms Beulah Elsa Thomas (VI Pharm D)
Ms Jacqueline Elza Johnson (VI Pharm D)

Street Play: I Prize: 
Ms Nayanthara. M (V Pharm D)
Ms Saina Anna Kurian (V Pharm D)
Ms Satvika. G (V Pharm D)
Ms Sharon Ann Jose (V Pharm D)
Ms Sneha Susan George (V Pharm D)

Pick & Speak: II Prize: Ms Kanika K (VI Pharm D)

E- Poster: II Prize: Ms Nazish Fatima (VI Pharm D)

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Dental Students Win Prizes in Cultural Fest - Cobalt Skies

Faculty of Dental Sciences participated in the cultural fest, Cobalt Skies conducted by Bangalore Medical College on 15, 16 and 17 October 2016 and won prizes in the following events:

Collage – 1st prize for Manal and Shraddha of 3rd year BDS
Creative writing (Hindi) - 1st prize for Saumya Mishra and 3rd prize for Vaishali both 3rd year BDS students
Painting – 3rd prize for Faheem 4th year BDS
Tattooing – 2nd prize for Faheem 4th year BDS
Fashion Show – 2nd prize for the team comprising of Diya, Manasa Samuel, Manisha Thomas, Umair, Ankita, Ankita Dahiya, Vipul, Samjith and Mark. Manasa Samuel was also declared the Best Female Model.

  • Scientific paper award   domnic

Best Scientific Paper Award in "Seminar on Medical Science and Biomedicine"

Dr.Dominic Augustine - Dept of Oral Pathology, Faculty of Dental Sciences has been awarded the Best Scientific Paper Award in "Seminar on Medical Science and Biomedicine" held at Karnataka Cancer Society on 28th September 2016.

The paper presented by Dr. Dominic Augustine "iNOS Expression in Oral Carcinomas and Sarcomas" ( Guided by Dr. Roopa Rao) was chosen as best paper amongst 35 presentations from various fields of Medicine, Dental, Biotechnology & Allied health Sciences.

  • 1
  • 2

Dental Students Win Prizes in Poster & Slogan Competition

MSRUAS congratulates 3rd year BDS students Ms. Yashaswi Krishnamurthy and Mr. Fahim Ahmed for having won the prestigious All India Poster Competition organized by AIIMS, Delhi. Out of 700 posters received from all over India our students have secured 1st Prize in the All India Poster Competition.

Dr. Timsi Gupta, MDS student of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics has won 3rd prize in Slogan Competition “Health Mouth is the seed we sow, For our body to glow!!!!”

World Oral Health Day 2016 aims to get everyone to recognize the impact their oral health has on overall physical health and wellbeing. This year Centre for Dental Education & Research, AIIMS, New Delhi (National Centre of Excellence for Implementation of National Oral Health Programme) conducted a poster/slogan competition to inspire every citizen of India to promote oral health. The entries received on were shortlisted and then evaluated by an expert panel.

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  • 2
  • 3

MHA Student Bags Excellent Paper Award

Lt. Col. Nixon Harnal, 2nd year student of Master in Hospital Administration (MHA) has been awarded with Institute of Research and Journals (IRAJ) Excellent Paper Award for the Paper titled “A Study to Evaluate the Preparedness of 75 Bedded Neuro Care Tertiary Hospital to be Accredited by the NABH” for the category Best Presentation/Best Content at the 29th IRF International Conference held in Bengaluru on 24th July 2016.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Award for MBA Student

Mr. Sundar R. K., 2nd year MBA student participated in Singapore 15th International Conference on “Business, Economics, Social Sciences & Humanities (BESSH2016) on 25th & 26th June 2016 held at Grand Pacific Hotel, Singapore. He presented a research paper titled “Social Media Strategy Framework for Luxury Fashion Brands which was declared the Best Paper. MSRUAS congratulates Mr. Sundar on this achievement.

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  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

The Bistro De FHMCT

It was a culinary event, the first of its kind organized and experienced, in the FHMCT Campus on the 1st April 2016. Chef Sridhar Krishnan, Chef Nagarekha, the HOD F&B (P), of FHMCT, with the able support of the Associate Dean Ms. Neena Joshi and the Dean Mr. Abby Mathew, had conceived this entire gastronomical event from scratch and the combined team had an array of lip smacking, tantalizing, dishes to be seen and savored in the college campus.

The duo, Chef Sridhar Krishnan and Chef Nagarekha, were greatly supported by an enthusiastic brigade of budding chefs from all levels, who lent their might to the event and made it a roaring success. Days of planning and organizing had culminated into a day of aromatic festivities accompanied by exotic dishes that pampered the palate beyond imagination.

French Baguettes and croissants, Italian breads, the Focaccia and Ciabatta, American Doughnuts, Belgian Waffles, German Black Forest cake were on display and sale. The hot, oven fresh products flew off the shelves as curious, impatient crowds from all faculties of MSRUAS waited, to lay their hands on the delicious treats and relish it to their heart’s content.The hot seller and the most tempting dish of the day was the Veg and Non Veg Pizza served at the live counters.

The vegetarian Italian pizzas with a large spread of colourful red and green peppers, topped with sliced onions, tomatoes with black olives and a very generous sprinkling of Mozzarella cheese was certainly the star attraction of the day. Orders were coming in fast and the young chefs were scrambling to meet the hot spicy demands.

The Bistro de FHMCT also witnessed a demonstration of baking skills that left the audience glued to the rare skills displayed. Aspiring patissiers, were in the limelight presenting the technique of layering a Black Forest cake and a pineapple gateau.The crackling, scrumptious oats cookies were in great demand as the health conscious consumers made a beeline to buy the tasty eggless oats cookies. The heart healthy, low fat, diet muffins and the all- bran, whole wheat bread were the first choice of weight watchers and they readily bought them in large numbers.

Those who did not really care about their waist lines, gorged on the peanut butter cookies which were an instant hit, and tucked into the triple chocolate mousse which was visually very appealing. The bottom layer of dark sponge cake, with layers of dark and white chocolate and a rich chocolate glaze, was a rage, amongst the youngsters. Mouthwatering, classic Italian desserts like the Tiramisu and the Mango Pannacotta, with the water melon mousse, on display, beckoned every casual visitor to indulge in the delicacies.

The very sight of the triple chocolate brownies, dark chocolate blended with white and milk choco chips forced the salivary glands to go on an overdrive and compelled every die hard dietician to throw rules to the winds and tuck into the luscious dark welcoming sweet, soft mass of the brownie. Not to be left behind, the fresh fruit tarts, the apple pies, Veg and non –veg quiches and calzones vied for attention from food lovers who desperately wanted something on their plates.

The wide range of assorted moulded chocolates which included hazel nut, caramel crunchies, praline filled chocolates and spicy, chilly laced chocolates bundled in colourful wraps grabbed everyone’s attention and were instant hits with the masses. The counters at FHMCT were making brisk business even as the ovens were pushed to their maximum efficiency and the aromatic, heady mix of aromas wafted through the campus, forcing everyone to rush and savor more.

This was one delectable treasure, foodies greatly sought,
To prove their mettle, young chefs fought,
Your attention, FHMCT, has now caught,
Be here, again, more culinary lessons will, soon, be taught.

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Radio Mirchi Talent Hunt @ MSRUAS

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM conducted state level talent hunt called “Campus Mirchi Connect” on 30th March 2016 for Gnanagangothri campus students and on 31st March 2016 for Peenya campus students. Students showcased their talents in singing, dancing, ramp walk, poetry recital, beat boxing and mono acting. Students sportingly participated and enjoyed the programme thoroughly.

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  • 3
  • 4

FHMCT Continues to Bag Awards

FHMCT has won the Overall Champions Trophy in "Catafete - 2016" the intercollegiate technical competitions conducted by Army Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore on 5th March 2016.

The events in which our students won are
1. Culinary Competition - 1st Place- Mr. Varun Raj & Mr. Surjith S.
2. Best Manager - 1st Place - Ms. Madhuri V.
3. Food & Beverage Service - 1st place - Mr. Nishant S.
4. Bakery Competition - 2nd place - Ms. Vaishnavi Kantak
5. Best House Keeping - 2nd Place - Ms. Sree Sudha

  • 1
  • 2

FET students participate in IISc. Open Day Competitions

FET students from MSRUAS participated in the Open Day competitions “Fun Filled Engineering” organized by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 5th March 2016.

In the event Mechathlon – A test on Fundamentals with trivial materials, Mr T M Seshagopalan and Mr Vinayak Pai, B Tech (Mech.) 4th semester students were the Runners. 20 teams participated from various Universities/Colleges in this event.

In Egg’ chute- Save the eggs from free fall using your creative ideas, out of 16 teams only four teams Egg ‘chute landed successfully and the team from MSRUAS was one among them. Mr. Suraj, Mr. Adeeb Delvi (Civil), and Mr. Ashish (EEE) got special appreciation for the innovations in design.

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FHMCT Again!!!

FHMCT has won the Overall Winners Trophy in the "CONCOUR 2016", intercollegiate technical competitions conducted by KLE Society's S. Nijalingappa College, Bangalore.

The following are the winners in the different competitions

1. Quiz - First place (Sree Sudha, VIII Sem and Madhuri V, VI Sem)
2. Culinary Competition - First Place (Surjith VIII Sem and Lakshmi Narayan, VI Sem)
3. Towel Art - First Place (Sree Sudha VIII Sem)
4. Cocktail Making - First Place (Nishant S, VIII Sem)
5. Group Discussion - Second Place (Madhuri V, VI Sem)
6. Best Out of Waste - Second Place (Vaishnavi Kantak, VIII Sem)

  • 1
  • 2

FHMCT Students Bag One More Trophy

Students of FHMCT have won the Overall Trophy in the prestigious "Culinary_Competition and Expo, Bangalore" held on 19th and 20th February in Acharya College, Bangalore. The students who participated in the competition are Mr. Viren Nebhwani, 6th Semester BHM and Mr. Varun Raj, 8th Semester BHM.

The event in which most top Hotel Management Colleges of the country participated comprised of two elements - The Culinary Skills and The Culinary Quiz competitions.

The events were judged by some of the celebrated chefs of Bangalore and included
Chef Antonio Tardi, Executive Chef, Shangri- la
Chef Manu Chandra, Executive Chef, Gastro Pub, Monkey Bar & Like That Only
Chef Armando Di Filippo, Chef de Cuisine, Moevenpick Hotel & Spa
Chef Nimish Bhatia, Consultant & Chef, Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, among others.

  • Groupproject16 1
  • Groupproject16 2
  • Groupproject16 2a
  • Groupproject16 3
  • Groupproject16 4
  • Groupproject16 5
  • Groupproject16 6
  • Groupproject16 7

PG Group Project Exhibition 2016

The Post Graduate Group Project Exhibition was held on 23rd Jan 2016 in Peenya campus. The exhibition was inaugurated by Shri N. Manjunath Prasad, Secretary, Agriculture Department, Government of Karnataka. This was the first exhibition for MSRUAS batch PG students even though such exhibitions were being conducted earlier as part of School of Advanced Studies under Coventry University. A total of 56 projects were displayed out of which 32 projects were from FET, 19 from FMC, 5 from FPH and 2 from FAD.

The main objective of this group project exhibition is to show case the technical talent and innovativeness of our students in the form of projects and to invite enquiries, suggestions for improvement and to explore the possibility of commercialization.

Few of the projects which attracted lot of interest from visitors include

  • Conceptual and Aerodynamic Design of a Single Seater Light Sport Aircraft and a Scale-Down Model
  • Experimental set up to find Natural Frequency and Mode Shapes of Shear Buildings
  • Shake Table for Dynamic Analysis of Structures
  • Development of Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement System
  • GPS Enabled Intelligent Robot for Surveillance
  • Effect of Hemidesmus indicus var. R. Br. Linn Pubescens Root Extract against Galatose Induced Cataract in Isolated Goat Lens
  • Hydrogen and Hydrocolloid Based Wound Dressings with an Interpolymer Complex – A Comparative Study
  • Optimization and Validation DSS Colitis in Mice with Varying Concentration of DSS
  • Comparative Studies on Pharmaceutical Equivalence of Two Marketed Brands of Diclofenac Tablet and Gel Dosage Forms Manufactured In Two Different Countries
  • Study of Haematinic Activity of Oral Indiffusibe Mixture of Tamarindus Indica l. Leaf Extract in Phenylhydrazine Induced Anemia
  • Design and Development of a Three Wheeler Logistic Transporter
  • Design and Development of an Animated Short Film to Promote Swachh Bharat Scheme in Bangalore
  • A Study of Waste Management in Health Care Sector – Bangalore (North)
  • A Study on State Government Initiatives Taken To Improve Tourism in Chitradurga District
  • A Study on the Impact of Accreditation on Patient Safety in a Tertiary Care Hospital Need Assessment of Elderly and Preparation O0f Geriatric Home Care Packages
  • A Study on Impact of Social Networking on Student Life

  • Sundar
  • Trived

MBA Students Make University Proud

Mr. Sundar R. and Mr. Trived K. students of MBA from Faculty of Management and Commerce were selected as delegates for the ‘Young Leader’s Summit’ at Vista 2015, IIM, Bangalore during September 2015. They participated in the case study solving event and won for being among the top Three.

  • Pd1
  • Pd2

Product Design Couple Making Waves

Mr. Azlan Mohammed Shakib and his wife Mrs. Amina Iman both are current Part-time Product Design Masters’ Students who have only completed 3 modules in Design are already making waving in Bangalore by developing innovative products in the area of Aquaponics.

The duo have developed a product which creates an ecosystem to grow vegetables at home ensuring 30 percent faster growth while saving 90 percent water compared to conventional methods. The product comprises of a live fish tank which is used to supply fish waste as manure to plants and the plants in-turn absorb nutrients from it and send back the cleaned up water to the fish tank. 

The product was demonstrated at BENGALURU MINI MAKER FAIRE 2015 (first time in India) hosted by NASSCOM and Workbench Projects where it garnered loads of attention, so much that the couple and their project were featured on the front page of Bangalore Mirror… right on the top (Friday 16 October 2015).

The couple intend to further develop the product through MSME Scheme. The illustrious students must be the face of the new course planned in the upcoming year in the University i.e., “Product Development and Entrepreneurship”.

  • Cobalt skies1
  • Cobalt skies2
  • Cobalt skies3

Dental Students Secure First Place in Fashion Show

The students of FDS, participated in “Cobalt Skies” which is an annual cultural fest hosted by Bangalore Medical College and Hospital on 16 October 2015.

The students were thrilled and excited to participate in the fashion show which was attended by participants from many educational institutions across Karnataka.

The team was ably led by intern, Dr. Wais Paigham. With their creative thinking in the forefront, the team came up with the novel concept of remote controlled “Dolls” which was highly appreciated by the judges and the team FDS won the First place in the tightly contested competition, the team received a standing ovation from the judges.

Dr. Wais Paigham was declared the best male model as well, which was the icing on the cake.

The winning squad included:

The Prize winners are:

  1. Wais Paigham - INTERN
  2. Anitha Abraham - FINAL YEAR
  3. Ankitha - FINAL YEAR
  4. Sumjet  - FINAL YEAR
  5. Vipul Thomar - FINAL YEAR
  6. Mamisha Thomas - SECOND YEAR
  7. Manasa Samuel - SECOND YEAR
  8. Zaabi - FIRST YEAR
  9. Umair - FIRST YEAR
  10. Bhumika - FIRST YEAR

  • Gardeniafest

FHMCT Claims First Place in All Events at 'Gardenia Fest'

Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology participated in Gardenia fest, an intercollegiate annual fest organized by Garden City College and won first prizes in all the events.

Garden City College organized its annual fest “Gardenia” 8th September to 12th September 2015. This edition of “Gardenia” was propounded on the theme of “Swach Bharat”. The event promised to involve the youth of our nation to carry forward the noble cause of creating a Clean and Green India.

The academic competitions were held on 9th Sep 2015. Participants from VII sem, FHMCT, MSRUAS emerged as the top contenders in all the events claiming the first place in every competition. The events were judged by external jury. 

The Prize winners are:

  1. Ameen Joher, Aishwaraya Shindogi, Nikkunz and Vishal Joshi won the first prize in Short Film Making Competition, “Gardenia Cinemagic”
  2. Varunraj and Surjeeth took the first place in Salad Making Competition, “Plate your Greens (Art on Plate)”
  3. Quiz Competition- First Prize won by Rohan, Shelley and Madhusudhan Kashyap
  4. Sree Sudha, Heena, Ameen, Jayaram and Arvind Minz  won the first place in Model Making Competition from Biodegradable Waste, “Carve it Out”
  5. T.Kumar Raja, Denny, Rameez, Vaishnavi Kantak, Moksha and Prateek won the first prize in Skit Competition on Destination Marketing

  • Honeywell5
  • Honeywell6

Two teams are shortlisted for final phase of Honeywell HACKATHON

Two teams who participated in Honeywell Hackathon competition held on 3rd , 4th and 5th August 2015, are  shortlisted for final round. These 2 ideas from the students will be showcased at the Tek-Unite day, a Honeywell partner event, on the sidelines of the annually held Honeywell Technology Symposium – India 2015, scheduled to be held in Bangalore on August 17, 2015.  The details of the team mentioned below.

I. Control of Fuel Emissions (Team Harish)
1) Harishkumar –( M Tech – AE)
2) Ramakanth H-(M Tech –AE)
3) M D Feroj Khan(M tech-AE)

II. Pods and Shells (Team Technoholics)
Members :
1) Gadkar Nikhil Kishor (MTech –APD)
2) Dilip V (M Tech –APD)
3) Hariharan R( M Tech –APD)

  • Honeywell1
  • Honeywell2
  • Honeywell3
  • Honeywell4

Honeywell HACKATHON Competition for M.Tech. and B.Tech. Students

The Directorate, SPWCA conducted Hack A Thon Competition for M.Tech. and B.Tech. students in association with HONEYWELL Corporation. Students are given a practical problem statements, for that they have to find solutions in 48 hours. Top 2 solutions will get attractive cash prize. Members of the top 2 solutions will get opportunity to be Part of global Technology symposium organized by Honeywell Corporation.

Program was inaugurated on 3rd August 2015 afternoon by the delegates Of Honeywell Corporation. They shared the details of the competition with students.

Competition was held on 3rd, 4th and 5th at Peenya campus. Large number of enthusiastic M.Tech. and B.Tech. students took part in the competition. Team of Honeywell was present for all three days in the campus to guide the students for the competition.

  • Culinarycomp1
  • Culinarycomp2
  • Culinarycomp3

Italian Culinary Expo 2015 - FHMCT Champions

ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine, Italy, conducted a two day "Italian Culinary Expo" in Bangalore on 25th and 26th March, 2015.

As part of the expo, an inter collegiate Italian Cuisine competition amongst the various Hotel Management / Catering Colleges of South India was conducted. This included various rounds such as a Quiz Competition, Italian Cuisine Cookery competition etc.

Students from MSRUAS won all the rounds and were declared the Champions and brought home the Ever Rolling Trophy and individual trophies.

Chef Christian Broglia and Chef Armando from Italy were the judges for the competitions and the trophy was given away by Chef Abhijit Saha, Founding Director of "Avant Garde Hospitality.

  • Msrlecturecontest1
  • Msrlecturecontest2

Lecture Contest from FSH

Faculty of Science and Humanities (FSH) conducted a Lecture contest in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Commerce on 20-02-2015. There were 30 contestants participated in the event. Most of these students were from other cities apart few from  Bangalore colleges. The enthusiasm of these participants was very good. Coordinators of the event were Dr. Niranjana Prabhu, Dr. Sunil, Dr. Sheetal, Dr. Asha Rao, Dr. Mahesh Narayan from FSH and Mr Rakesh from FMC

  • Showcased1
  • Showcased2
  • Showcased3
  • Showcased4

FHMCT Showcased

The Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology of MSRUAS organized a day long culinary n cultural extravaganza, titled “FHMCT SHOWCASED” at its campus on 6th February 2015.

This event was organized to showcase the talents of the students of FHMCT and to unite all the faculty of MSRUAS for a day of culinary competitions and festivities including flower decorations, mock tail preparations, flair bartending, cake decoration, vegetable carving, table laying and napkin folding.

The culinary competitions of the day were thrown open to the impatient teams of enthusiastic gourmets, who had come in large numbers with a lot of anticipation. The culinary delights to be prepared by these teams were kept a secret as each team was given a mystery ingredient. The teams were mentored by students of FHMCT.

As a part of this event, there was a demonstration of authentic Italian dishes by Chef Armando di Filippo, the Italian Chef from Move n pick. There was also a wide variety of cheese and wines on display. Lluvia Bakery displayed its deliciously baked organic products. The products were also sampled by the assembled audience.

An awareness workshop on food adulterants was conducted. The house keeping department of FHMCT demonstrated a mechanism of safe and hygienic method of garbage disposal.

The Brand Ambassador of Baccardi, Mr. Harinath gave an insight into the various methodologies involved in making cocktails. The most awaited event of the evening was a demonstration by Mr. Rohan Carvalho of Bar Square who demonstrated his flair bartending skills. Monish, a VIII semester student of FHMCT mesmerized the gathering with his amazing flair bartending skills.

The festivities culminated late in the evening with the announcement of winners in the cookery competition and the first prize was won by the team comprising Dr. Bhavya, Dr. Ashwini, and Dr. Pushpanjali. The winners and the first and second runners-up were awarded gift vouchers by The Sheraton, Vivanta by Taj and Marriott Fairfield.

  • Chef competition1
  • Chef competition2
  • Chef competition3

HAT and Chef Competition

Faculty of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology, M.S.Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, were declared the overall “Champion of Champions” in the prestigious Inter-Collegiate Hotel Management Skill Competition-Chef Competition and Hotel Ability Test jointly organised by the Taj Group of Hotels and Christ University held in Jan 2015.

This event, considered the most prestigious competitions of the country was introduced in the year 1995 for Hotel Management Students at intercollegiate level. The Taj Group of Hotels has been providing expertise, guidance, judging parameters, certificates and trophies. This event attract the reputed colleges of India namely Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration-Manipal, Welcome Academy of Culinary Arts-Manipal, Culinary Academy of India-Hyderabad, Institute of Hotel Management- Hyderabad, Institute of Hotel Management-Bangalore, International Institute of Hotel Management–Bangalore, Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology-Bangalore.

Apart from winning the 1st prize in HAT Comp, Brand Buzz and Quiz, FHMCT also got prizes in Culinary Competition, Hotel Technique, House Keeping Competition and the Best Manager Competition and was declared the overall “Champion of Champions” of the entire event.

The 6 competitors of FHMCT (MSRUAS) who participated in this competition and brought the trophy are Shelly Jacob, Madhusudhan Kashyap, Varunraj, Abhiram, Kartik Prabhu and Vishwesh Ramesh.

The trophy was given away at a valedictory ceremony presided by executives of Taj Group and well attended by Industry Professionals.

  • Aidsday 1
  • Aidsday 2
  • Aidsday 3
  • Aidsday 4
  • Aidsday 5
  • Aidsday 6
  • Aidsday 7
  • Aidsday 8
  • Aidsday 9
  • Aidsday 10
  • Aidsday 11
  • Aidsday 12
  • Aidsday 13
  • Aidsday 14

World Aids Day a Poster competition on the theme "GETTING TO ZERO"

On the eve of "World Aids Day a Poster competition on the theme "GETTING TO ZERO" was held at FDS, MSRUAS. Headed the dept. of OMFS. The event was inaugurated by Dean Dr.B.V.Sreenivasa Murthy & Dr. Silju Mathew. Introductory talk was given by Dean followed by Dr.Kavitha Prasad and Dr. Lalitha on the theme. Later a lecture on HIV was given by Dr. Rajanikanth on the theme of the WORLD AIDS Day "Getting to Zero".

  • Collagecomp 1
  • Collagecomp 2
  • Collagecomp 4
  • Collagecomp 5
  • Collagecomp 6
  • Collagecomp 7
  • Collagecomp 8
  • Collagecomp 9
  • Collagecomp 10
  • Collagecomp 11
  • Collagecomp 12
  • Collagecomp 13

Collage competition with the theme of "Communal Harmony and National Integration"

The Collage competition with the theme of Communal Harmony and National Integration was organized at Faculty of Dental Sciences, Auditorium between 3-4pm. 9 teams comprising of 3 members each took part. The judges were Mr. Gopala Krishna, Registrar Administration, FDS, MSRUAS and Dr. Raghavendra, Senior Tutor, FDS, MSRUAS. The Judges appreciated all the collage and declared the collage by Ms. Akshata, Ms. Alisha, and Ms. Niveditha (Final year BDS students) as the first best collage and the collage by Dr.Pallavi.HN (Assistant Professor, Dept. of PHD), Dr. Prashanti (Assistant Professor, Dept. of OMDR) and Dr. Shwetha (Assistant Professor, Dept. of OMDR) was adjudged second best collage.

  • Cii design award

CII Design Excellence Award 2014

Mr. Bhagvanji M. Sonagra one of our Alumni of Product Design course (Full Time 2011 Batch) had participated in “CII Design Excellence 2014 Awards” held at the Knowledge Expo at Greater Noida, New Delhi, organised by National Institute of Design (NID) and endorsed by India Design Council on 20th and 21st November 2014 and has won award in the category “Industrial Design: Health and Personal Care”.

Mr. Bhagvanji M. Sonagra had worked on the project “Eye Tracking Gadget for User Research” during his Postgraduate studies.

We are proud of his achievement and heartily congratulate him

  • Tourchlista1
  • Tourchlista2
  • Tourchlista3

“TOURCHLISTA - Inter Collegiate Photography Competition”

Mr. Pravardhan V. of 1st semester Mechanical Engineering branch of our University Participated in “TOURCHLISTA FESTIVAL” inter collegiate PHOTOGRAPHY competition held at PESIT South campus, Bengaluru on 19 October 2014. The topic Of the Photography theme was diversity

There were competitors from 15 prestigious colleges. He secured 2nd position in the competition.

  • Iaacd1
  • Iaacd2

Foundation day program of the IIAACD & paper presentation competition

Dr Sandesh Mayekar, renowned Esthetic Dentist, visited FDS on the 4th of August as part of the Foundation day program of the Indian association of aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentist(IAACD).He delivered a lecture on Aesthetic Challenges in Dentistry. There was a paper presentation competition following the lecture. Dr Nadira from the Department of Esthetic dentistry won the best paper and Dr.Sarika from the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics was the runner up.

  • Essay1
  • Essay2
  • Essay3
  • Essay4
  • Essay5

World No Tobacco Day - 2014 : Essay Competition

An essay competition with the WHO theme of “Raise Tobacco Tax, Lower Death and Disease” for postgraduate students of Faculty of Dental Sciences, MSRUAS was organized. An overwhelming participation by 60 postgraduates was witnessed and cash prizes were awarded to 3 best essays.

Congratulations to:
I prize - Dr Nidhi Gupta, PG from dept. of Conservative and Endodontics.
II prize - Dr Ankit Saxena, PG from dept. of Oral Medicine and Radiology.
III prize - Dr Sanketh, PG from dept. of Oral Pathology.

List of Poster presentations:

  1. Dr.Shankargoudapatil , Reader , Dept. of Oral Pathology presented poster on “Lichenoid dysplasia revisited – A review from Indian archives” at the 92nd General Session & Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) held on 25th – 28th June, 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa.
  2. Dr. M Barnali, Dr. R Roopa S, Dr. P Shankargouda published the poster titled “Secondhand smoke” in Dent Poster J 2014;3(4):1
  3. Dr. A Thirumal Raj, Dr. R Roopa S, Dr. P Shankargouda published the poster titled “Quit tobacco, before your time runs out” in Dent Poster J 2014;3(4):2
  4. Dr Ankit & Dr Shivani presented poster titled “Tobacco- mother of oral cancer" on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day organized by Karnataka Cancer Society.
  5. Dr Deepa, Dr Joseph Ben Clint & Dr Poornima presented poster titled “Catch Them Young” on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day organized by Karnataka Cancer Society.
  6. Dr. Sarika and Dr. Sowmya presented a poster on “Adjuncts To Periapical Healing” at 15th IACDE & IES PG Convention held in Chennai from 5th to 8th June 2014

  • Uav


The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) at MSRUAS has developed fully Autonomous Quadcopters. The drones developed by Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) research team at FET, are capable of navigating itself from one location to another using GPS data. The team had participated in MICAV - 2014 competition organized by DRDO - NAL and had successfully demonstrated the flight capabilities of the 300mm micro drone with 11 minutes endurance. The developed UAVs can be used in various safety critical applications such as surveillance and reconnaissance, search and rescue missions and others. UAVs especially micro air vehicles (fixed wing, rotary wing and flapping wing) are an emerging area and the research team at FET is working on various aspects of them. Some areas of research include Structural design, High efficiency propeller design, Obstacle avoidance, Visual SLAM and Autonomous navigation in GPS denied environment and Cooperative flying.

Find related videos at:

Low Cost EMG driven Bionic Hands

A Low cost bionic hand has been developed by the members of Centre for Biomedical Excellence at FET, UAS. The developed prototype perform actions based on the EMG signal captured from a below elbow amputee. Optimised pattern recognition algorithms help the prototype to classify the different actions captured in the EMG signals. The research was sponsored by DRDO-LSRB (Life Science Research Board) The team that includes both staff and students are also working towards classifying the finger movements. A prototype which performs desired actions using audio instructions, tactile and keypad controls is also being developed.

Find related videos at:

  • Pharmacongress

16 papers @Indian Pharmaceutical Congress

Students from the Faculty of Pharmacy have presented 16 papers in 65th IPC conference (2013) at New Delhi. The various papers presented at the Congress are Development of a novel water soluble complex for solubility enhancement, Emulgel formulations of a hydrophobic drug for enhanced transdermal delivery ; Development of reconstitutable sustained release suspension of aceclofenac microparticulates; Analytical method development and validation of mesalazine by hydrotropic solubilization technique; Synthesis and evaluation of ph sensitive sodium alginate grafted acrylic acid polymer for the design of novel drug delivery; Design and evaluation of 'tablet in capsule' drug delivery device of losartan potassium; Cinnarizine multiparticulate gastroretentive delivery system for sustained release; Development of compression coated buccal compacts with thiolated polymers for the controlled release of bisphosphonate derivative; Solubility enhancement of bcs class ii drug using solid-self emulsification technique; Ionically cross linked chitosan - alginate films as potential wound dressing matrices; Emulgel formulations of a hydrophobic drug for enhanced transdermal delivery; solid dispersion loaded topical gels of miconazole; Design and characterization of mucoadhesive delivery system of bisphosphonate based on thiolated polymer; Preparation and evaluation of dual cross linked chitosan alginate beads; Enhancement of dissolution rate of candesartan cilexitil by co-crystallization technique; Development of colon targeted metronidazole tablets based on chitosan phthalate matrices; Compression coated tablets of flurbiprofen: a chronotherapeutic approach;

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Creativity at Hospitality

Triumphant students of Faculty of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bangalore, came romping home gleefully as they were declared OVERALL WINNERS  at the Technical Fest held at KLE College. The fest had events that required creative use of material in novel ways and special accolades are due to each student as each one exhibited a rare talent in creativity and innovation. The winners were Anand ( Bakery art)  , Sreesudha (Linen Art), Moksha ( Best from Waste) , Heena Khan (Vegetable Carving ) and Rohan and Shelley ( The Quiz ).