Sl. No. Name Designation University Official E-mail Id Contact Number
1 Dr. H. S. Srivatsa Professor and Associate Dean dean.mc@msruas.ac.in / srivatsa.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1014
2 Prof. H. N. Nagesha Associate Professor & Academic Registrar registrar.acad.mc@msruas.ac.in /hnagesha.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1012
3 Mr. P. Venkatesha Murthy Administrative Registrar registrar.admin.et@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2103
Department of Management
1 Dr. Chandra Sen Mazumdar Asst. Professor and Head chandrasen.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
2 Dr. K. M. Sharath Kumar Associate Professor sharath.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 45366666 Extn:630
3 Mrs. R. G. Shilpa Asst. Professor shilparg.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
4 Ms. Reshma K. J. Asst. Professor reshma.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
Department of Human Resource Management
1 Ms. Geetanjali Pawar Asst. Professor and Head geetanjalipawar.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
2 Prof. H. N. Nagesha Associate Professor hnagesha.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1012
3 Dr. Sandhya Iya Associate Professor asd.tsld@msruas.ac.in 4536 6666 Extn:658
4 Dr. Mamatha S. V. Asst. Professor mamatha.hr.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
5 Mr. Rajeev Prasad Asst. Professor rajeev.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
Department of Marketing Management
1 Dr. G. Devakumar Associate Professor and Head devakumar.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
2 Dr. H. S. Srivatsa Professor srivatsa.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1014
3 Mr. V. Nagendra Associate Professor vnagendra.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
Department of Finance
1 Dr. N. Suresh Professor and Head nsuresh.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in / 49065555 Extn:1013
2 Mr. Uday Kumar Jagannathan Asst. Professor ujagannathan.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
3 Ms. Usha J. C. Asst. Professor usha.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
4 Ms. Savitha Kulkarni Asst. Professor savitha.ms.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
Department of Commerce & Accounting
1 Mr. Rakesh C. Asst. Professor and Head rakeshc.co.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
2 Ms. Reene Namratha Asst. Professor renee.co.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
3 Ms. Rashmi R. Asst. Professor rashmi.co.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
4 Ms. Sudharani R. Asst. Professor sudharani.co.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
5 Mr. Ajay R. Asst. Professor ajay.ca.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1302
Department of Hospital Administration
1 Dr. D. Shalini Asst. Professor and Head hod.ha.mc@msruas.ac.in / shalinid.ha.mc@msruas.ac.in -
2 Ms. Aileen J. Asst. Professor aileenj.ha.mc@msruas.ac.in -
3 Dr. Khyathi G. V. Asst. Professor khyathi.ha.mc@msruas.ac.in -

Academic Registry of the Faculty :

Examination, Assessment and Program Operations
1 Mrs. H. Thara Bai Manager thara.ea.mc@msruas.ac.in 4906555 Extn:2122
2 Mrs. Shalini Sadanand Senior Executive shalini.ea.mc@msruas.ac.in 4906555 Extn:2122
Class Rooms and Teaching Aids
1 Mr. Krishnakanth K. L. Custodian krishnakanth.ta.mc@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1204