1 14HCFP001 Prof. Abby Mathew Dean dean.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
2 14HCFP002 Prof. Neena Joshi Professor and Associate Dean - UG neenajoshi.fp.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
3 14HCFO001 Ms. Rashmi Koppar Academic Registrar rashmikoppar.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
4 14HCFB001 Mr. Rajesh S. Administrative Registrar rajeshs.fb.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
Department of Food and Beverage Production
Sl. No. Employee Id Name Designation University Official E-mail Id Contact Number
1 14HCFP003 Ms. Nagarekha C. Palli Associate Professor and Head hod.fp.hc@msruas.ac.in / nagarekhacp.fp.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
2 14HCFP002 Prof. Neena Joshi Professor neenajoshi.fp.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
3 14HCFP006 Mr. Shyam Prasad Asst. Professor shyamprasad.fp.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
4 14HCFP005 Mr. Shashi Sharma Asst. Professor shashisharma.fp.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
5 15HCFP008 Mr. Sridhar Krishnan Asst. Professor sridharkrishnan.fp.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
6 17HCFP009 Mr.Manish Kumar Khorwal Asst. Professor manish.fp.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
Department of Food and Beverage Service
1 14HCFB002 Ms. Priya Arjun Associate Professor and Head hod.fb.hc@msruas.ac.in / priyaarjun.fb.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
2 14HCFB001 Mr. Rajesh S. Asst. Professor rajeshs.fb.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
3 14HCFB003 Mr. Sreekanth N. Asst. Professor sreekanthn.fb.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
4 17HCFB004 Mr.T. Raghavendra Asst. Professor raghavendra.fb.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
Department of Management Studies - Hospitality
1 14VCAD001 Dr. Prasannakumar J. P. Professor director.admissions@msruas.ac.in 4536 6666 Extn: 607
2 14HCHM006 Ms. Shashi Binani Asst. Professor shashibinani.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
3 16HCHM002 Ms. Vanishree K. Asst.Professor vanishree.hm.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
4 17HCHM011 Ms. Sushma B. S. Asst.Professor sushma.hm.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
5 17HCHM012 Ms. Chandrakala D. P. Asst.Professor chandrakala.hm.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
Department of Front office
1 16HCFO005 Ms. Shirin Kariappa Asst Professor and Head shirinkariappa.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
2 14HCFO001 Ms. Rashmi Koppar Associate Professor hod.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in / rashmikoppar.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
3 14HCFO002 Ms. Supriya Rao Asst. Professor supriyarao.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
4 17HCFO007 Ms. Sweety Jamgade Asst. Professor sweety.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
5 18HCFO003 Mr. Raj Kumar Dey Asst. Professor rajkumar.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
6 17HCFO006 Mr. Viswanath Srivaths Krishnan Lecturer viswanath.fo.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
Department of Housekeeping
1 14HCHK001 Ms. Sandhya Anil Kumar Associate Professor and Head hod.hk.hc@msruas.ac.in / sandhyaanilkumar.hk.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
2 16HCHK004 Ms. Ankita Sharma Asst. Professor ankita.hk.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
3 16HCHK005 Ms. Vineeta Kumari Asst. Professor vineeta.hk.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
4 17HCHK006 Ms. Krishna Santoshi Meduri Lecturer krishna.hk.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829

Academic Registry of the Faculty

Examination, Assessment and Programme Operations
1 14HCE4001 Mr. Leelakanth N. C. Executive leelakanth.ea.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
2 16HCE4002 Ms. Pavithra S. Executive pavithra.ea.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829
Class Rooms and Teaching Aids
1 14HCT4001 Mr. Naveen Kumar N. Custodian - Teaching Aids naveenkumar.ta.hc@msruas.ac.in 23601829