Sl. No. Employee Id Name Designation University Official E-mail Id Contact Number
1 14ADID002 Mr. H. S. Lohit Associate Dean - UG and PG hod.id.ad@msruas.ac.in / lohiths.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2331
2 14ADID003 Mrs. Archana P. Patil Academic Registrar registrar.acad.ad@msruas.ac.in / archana.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2330
3 14ANAR002 Mr. P. Venkatesha Murthy Administrative Registrar registrar.admin.et@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2103
Department of Industrial Design
1 14ADID002 Mr. H. S. Lohit Asst. Professor and Head hod.id.ad@msruas.ac.in / lohiths.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2333
2 14ADID001 Prof. Chennagiri Gopinath Professor gopinathc.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2324
3 14ADID004 Mr. Srinivasa Asst. Professor srinivasa.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2333
4 14ADID005 Mr. Vignesh Ravichandran Asst. Professor vignesh.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2333
5 14ADID006 Mr. Chiranjith Barui Asst. Professor chiranjithbarui.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2332
6 14ADID007 Mr. C. Dileepa Asst. Professor cdileepa.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2332
7 14ADID010 Mr. S. Suresha Asst. Professor suresha.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:6004
8 15ADID014 Ms. Reemi Thakuria Asst. Professor reemi.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2332
9 15ADID015 Mr. Pratheek Achar Asst. Professor pratheek.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2324
10 15ADID015 Mr. Vidyanand Desai Asst. Professor vidyanand.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2332
11 16ADID017 Mr. Bala Vignesh Asst. Professor bala.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2327
12 14ADID011 Mr. B. S. Abhilash Senior Tutor abhilash.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2332
13 15ADID013 Mr. Murali Krishna J. Senior Tutor muralikrishnaj.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2333
14 14ADID016 Mr. Karthik G. Tutor karthik.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:6004
15 17ADID018 Mr. Vijay N. Tutor vijay.id.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:6004
Department of Fashion Design
1 15EPQ1007 Dr. Mamatha G. Hegde Asst. Professor and Head mamathahegde.hqc@msruas.ac.in 4536 6666 Extn: 632
2 14ADFD003 Ms. Nagaveni K. Asst. Professor nagavenik.fd.ad@msruas.ac.in 4906 5555 Extn:2324
3 14ADFD004 Mr. Goutham N. Asst. Professor Gouthamn.fd.ad@msruas.ac.in 4906 5555 Extn:2324

Academic Registry of the Faculty

Examination, Assessment and Program Operations
1 15ADE2003 Ms. Padmavathi Bangari Executive padmavathi.ea.ad@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:2110
Class Rooms and Teaching Aids
1 14ETT1002 Mr. Deepak S. Asst. Executive deepaks.ta.et@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1204
2 15ETT1008 Mr. Yogesh S. Custodian - Teaching Aids & Class Rooms yogesh.ta.et@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:5025
3 15ETT1009 Mr. Honnurappa D. K. Asst. Executive - Teaching Aids & Class Rooms honnurappa.ta.et@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1204
4 15ETT1013 Mr. Shivshankar A. S. Custodian - Teaching Aids shivshankar.ta.et@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:5025
5 16ETT1015 Mr. Chethan Aradhya M. G. Custodian - Teaching Aids chethan.ta.et@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:1009
6 16ETT1016 Mr. M. D. Suresha Custodian - Teaching Aids suresha.ta.et@msruas.ac.in 49065555 Extn:5025