Science and Engineering Group

Sl.No. Title of the Proposal Faculty
1 Development of Heat Flux Sensor for Aero Gas Turbine Engine Combustors FET
2 PC Controlled FPGA based UWB Pulse Generator for Non-Invasive and Non-Contact Diagnostic Applications FET
3 Design and Development of Agriculture Robotic Platform / Attachments for Small Tractors FET
4 Performance Enhancement of a Single Stage Transonic Axial Compressor through Reduction of Tip Leakage and Secondary Flow Losses FET
5 Friction Stir Spot Welding for Aluminum and Steel FET
6 Development of Energy Absorbing Blast Resistant Porous Structure FET
7 Design and Analysis of an Integrated Optic Microring Resonator Array Based Sensor System for Detection of Multiple Gases FET
8 Development of a Framework for Green Innovations in Manufacturing Sector FET
9 Guidelines for Development of Co-operative Networks for Process Innovation in SMEs of Peenya Industrial Area in Bengaluru FET
10 Aerodynamic Shape Optimisation of Fixed Wings at Low Reynolds Numbers With Flow Transition for Micro-Air Vehicle Applications FET
11 Design and Development of a Solar Energy based Thermophilic Digester for Chicken Litter along with Pongamia Seed Cake FET
12 Design and Development of Wireless Power Transmission ( WPT) System for Portable Devices using GaN Technology FET
13 Development of an Efficient MHT Based Multitarget Tracking Algorithm for Underwater Environment FET
14 To Design and Simulate Special FIR and IIR Notch Filters for DSP Applications in Communication and Radar FET
15 Design and Development of a Multi DOF Bionic Arm with Control Assist Mode Functionality FET
16 Development of Simulation Model for Near-field Beamforming based Underwater Acoustic Imaging (UAI) FET
17 Development of an Energy Efficient Cross-layer Routing Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks FET
18 Development of Underwater Object Detection and Tracking Fusion Algorithms FET
19 Study the Impact of Defect Volume, Orientation and Size on Mechanical Properties and Establishing Correlation between Mechanical Properties and RT Level in Al alloy Castings FET
20 Development of Lightweight Hybrid Composite Non-Explosive Reactive Armour System FET
21 Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Anticancer Activity of Heterocyclic fused Curcumin Analogues: Targeting MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cell Lines FMPS
22 Time Dependent Density Functional Theory Study of Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Small Aromatic Molecules FMPS
23 A Study on Different Structure of Contact Manifolds FMPS
24 Design and Development of a Novel Board Game for Slowing Down of Mild Cognitive Impairment in Elderly FAD
25 Design of a Safe Modular Kitchen for Elderly in Indian Context FAD
26 Exploration of Opportunities for Foreign Capital-In-Flows into Medium Electrical and Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises in Bengaluru Region FMC
27 Impact of Central Government initiatives on Water Supply and Sanitation in Villages of Chintamani Taluk of Karnataka FMC
28 An Empirical Study on Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Hospitality Industry FHMCT
29 An Analysis of Prevalent Unethical Practices in Hotel Industry and Development of Training Modules to Inculcate Ethical Practices and Code of Conduct for Hotel Employees FHMCT
30 Development of an Instant Functional Drink Containing Fresh Whey Fortified with Selected Fruit Pulp and Herbal Extracts FHMCT

Health Science Group

Sl.No. Title of the Proposal Faculty
1 Evaluation of Protective Effect of Sargassum Wightii (Brown Marine Algae) in Diabetes Mellitus Induced Alzheimer’s Disease FPH
2 Development and Evaluation of Nanoformulation of Thamira Kattu Chenduram Targeting Colon Cancer FPH
3 Investigation of Anticancer Activity of Trigonella Foenum-Graecum and Potential for Enhancement of EGFR Inhibitor Efficacy in Breast Cancer Model FPH
4 Development and Evaluation of Nanoparticles of Chandhamarutha Chenduram for Targeting Hepato Cellular Carcinoma FPH
5 Evaluation of Efficacy and Identification of Underlying Mechanisms of Active Principles of Turbinaria Conoides (J.Agardh) Kutzing Developed into Nanoformulations Against Colon Cancer FPH
6 Pharmacognostical Standardization and Anti-diabetic Activity Studies on the Roots of Different Species of Munditika – Ayurveda Drug FPH
7 Evaluation of Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical and Hepatoprotective Potential of Unexplored Rhyncosia Species FPH
8 Development of Pulmonary Delivery System of Kshaya Kulanthaga Chenduram against Tuberculosis FPH
9 Development and Evaluation of Carica Papaya and Neem Liquid Formulation for Dengue induced Thrombocytopenia FPH
10 Promotion of Comprehensive Awareness Programme on Prevalence and Management of Food Allergies in Representative South Indian Population FPH
11 Synthesis and Evaluation of Anticancer Potential of Novel Curcumin-Drug Hybrid Conjugates FPH
12 Development of Bio-Mimetic Nanofiber Wound Dressing Impregnated with Vitamin K and Silver by Electrospinning Technique FPH
13 Expression of SNPs among Early Tobacco Users and Nicotine Dependent Adolescents Based on GWAS FPH
14 Expression of Epstein-Barr Virus Among Tobacco Induced Oral Squamous Cell Carcinomas and Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders FPH
15 Biochemical Estimation of Saliva, Serum and GCF Levels of CCL28 and Pentraxin-3 in subjects with Gingivitis and Chronic Periodontitis FPH
16 Establishment of Correlation for Inflammatory Markers of Periodontal Therapy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus FPH
17 A Clinical and Biochemical Study on the Correlation between Periodontal Therapy and Chronic Kidney Disease using levels of Serum Hepcidin and other Inflammatory Markers FPH
18 Evaluation and Correlation of the Prognosis of Cystic Lesions to Decompression by Clinical, Histological, Radiographic Assessment and Molecular Marker Expression FDS
19 Development of 3D Hybrid Bioresorbable Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering FDS
20 Effect of Glycemic Control on Tooth Extraction FDS
21 EGFR Expression in the Head and Neck Cancer as a Prognostic Marker – A Prospective Study FDS
22 Genomic Analysis of Candida Albicans in Primary Endodontic Infections and Assessment of its Susceptibility to Anti-fungal Herbal Agents FDS
23 Odontogenic Differentiation of Dental Pulp Derived Stem Cells on Platelet Rich Fibrin Scaffold FDS
24 A Community Based Study on Analysis of Genomic Variations in Streptococcus Mutans associated with Dental Caries and its Co-Variate’s Influence Overt Infection FDS
25 Comparative Study of Vertical Growth Changes by Using Manual & Digital Cephalometric Analysis in Bi-maxillary Protrusion Cases - A Long Term in Vitro Study FDS
26 Application of 3 - Matic Software in the Development of Virtual Setup For Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Orthodontic Mechano-Therapy FDS
27 Reducing Orthodontic Treatment Duration by using Piezocision FDS
28 In Vitro and In Vivo Studies on Anti-cancer Activity of Leech Salivary Extract on Oral Cancer Cells FDS
29 Evaluation of the Malignant Potential of Oral Lichen Planus through MIRNA Signature in Serum and Saliva FDS
30 Evaluation of Sulfotransferase1A1 Gene Polymorphism in Smoking Associated Oral Lesions FDS
31 Establishing a Population Based Oral Cancer Registry in Chintamani, Karnataka FDS
32 Integrated Community based Intervention for Oral Health Promotion of Rural Community - A Participatory Action Research FDS
33 Simulation and Implementation of Dental Caries Risk Prediction Algorithm using 2D:4D Finger Length Ratio, Dermatoglyphics and Cheiloscopy FDS
34 Association between Taste Status to 6-N-Propylthiouracil (PROP) and Caries among Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus - An Observational Study FDS
35 A Study of Salivary Constituents, Microbial Gene Expressions and their Relationship with Dental caries of Children with Special Healthcare Needs FDS
36 Evaluation of Mulberry Plant Extract for its Anti-Cariogenic Efficacy for the Development of a Novel Mouthrinse FDS
37 Synthesis and Characterisation of a Novel Bio Active Theobromine composite Resin as a Dental Restorative Material FDS
38 Comparison of Success Rate of Immediate Versus Delayed Loaded Mini Implant Supported Mandibular over Denture – A 3 year Prospective Study FDS
39 Study on Correlations Between Gene Polymorphism and Biomarker Levels in Gingival Crevicular Fluid and Peri-implant Crevicular Fluid in Healthy Indian Patients FDS
40 Development of a Biomaterial Scaffold For Local Drug Delivery for Enhanced Wound Healing with Intraoral Maxillofacial Prosthesis FDS