Defence Research and Development Oraganisations (DRDO) Labs under CARS

Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) - Bangalore

1 Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of Thrust Vectoring Nozzle     (Full Proposal)
Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, New Delhi
2 Development of a Green Innovations Framework for Manufacturing Sector    (Full Proposal)

Aeronautics Research and Development Board (AR &DB) - New Delhi

3 Development of Heat Flux Sensor for Aero Gas Turbine Engine Combustors    (Full Proposal)
4 Performance Enhancement of a Single Stage Transonic Axial Compressor through Reduction of Tip Leakage and Secondary Flow Losses    (Full Proposal)
Karnataka Council for Technology Upgradation Government of Karnataka (KCTU)

Proposal for Setting up “R & D Centre for Hardened Steel Machining”     (Full Proposal)


Proposal for Setting up “R & D Centre for Composite Materials and Technologies”     (Full Proposal)


Proposal for Setting up “R & D Centre for Automated Farm Machinery Design and Development for Small Farmers”     (Full Proposal)

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) – RESPOND

Design and Analysis of an Integrated Optic Microring Resonator Array Based Sensor System for Detection of Multiple Gases     (Full Proposal)

Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST)

Evaluation and Correlation of the Prognosis of Cystic Lesions to Decompression by Clinical, Histological, Radiographic Assessment and Molecular Marker Expression     (Full Proposal)


Prognostic Significance of ALDH1, Bmi1 & OCT4 in Oral Epithelial Dysplasia and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma     (Full Proposal)

Life Science Research Board (LSRB)

Design and Development of a Multi DOF Bionic Arm with Control Assist Mode Functionality    (Full Proposal)