Student Grievance Committee

Sgrc members

Student Grievances Redressal Mechanism

The following has been stated in Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences Non Statutory Handbook (Statute 8.3 No. 2), relating to constitution and function of Student Grievance Redressal Committee.

Constituting Authority


The Committee shall comprise the following members:

Sl. No.
1 Director – Student Affairs Chairperson
2 Administrative Registrars (Faculties) Members
3 Head Proctor and Proctors Members
4 Wardens Members
5 Head of Student Affairs Member & Secretary

The Constituting Authority or the Chairperson, in consultation with the Constituting Authority, may induct one or more additional members at its discretion.


The Committee shall have the following functions, powers and responsibilities:

Term of Office


Sgrc steps

The students having grievances which may affect their studies, campus living, health and any other may report to Student Grievances Redressal Committee by sending an email to the following address:

The following details are mandatory in the Email:

  1. Name of the Student
  2. Course & Year
  3. University ID No.
  4. Mobile Number