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  • Ncamr2017

National Conference on Advances in Materials Research(NCAMR-2017)


Materials Research has been practiced from ancient times. Materials used in aerospace industry and automotive sector have affected transporta on technology. Also various scaffolds or tissues used in human body have li ed the spirit of medical, dental and pharmaceutical fields. Semiconductors, liquid crystals, conducting polymers, etc. have enriched electronic and sensor fields.Membrane technology has contributed immensely in providing clean water to public. Nanomaterials have occupied space in wastewater treatment, medicine, pharmacy, optics, etc. With the current impetus on Make in India policy of Union Government of India, many startups and established Industries are thriving to invest into materials research. In this context the present conference provides a platform for bridging industry and academia together.

Themes / Areas of Conference:

1.Advanced Materials associated with Aerospace and automobile industry

  1. Metal-matrix composites
  2. IPolymer matrix composites
  3. Ceramic matrix composites
  4. Metal and polymer alloys
  5. Other materials
2. Biomaterials related to Medicine/Dental/Pharmacy
  1. Scaffolds
  2. Drug design and delivery
  3. Implant materials
3.Engineered materials in electronics and sensors
  1. Semiconductors and their composites
  2. Liquid crystals
  3. Conducting polymers
4.Functional materials
  1. Green materials
  2. Photonic materials
  3. Multi ferroic and magnetic materials
  4. Carbon and related materials
  5. Energy materials - Batteries, super capacitors etc.
  6. Theoretical modelling/computer simulations of functional materials
5.Membranes and their applications
6.Nanomaterials in various fields

Organizing Committee, Dept. of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Humanities

Organizing Chairman:
Dr. T. Niranjana Prabhu, HOD & Academic Registrar

Organizing Secretary:
Dr. Jineesh A. G., Assistant Professor

Joint Organizing Secretaries:
Dr. Jyotsna Kumar - 9677223174
Dr. Sheetal R Batkurki - 9900554532
Dr. Y. C. Sunil Kumar - 9986822333
Dr. Manikanda Prabu - 9652686025

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  • Veneers seminar

One Day Interactive Seminar on “How Veneers Can Improve Your Life -The Learning Channel" from FDS


Veneers have revolutionized the anterior aesthetic restoration, making it a predictable form of creating a beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers within reason allow for the alteration of tooth position, shape, size and color. With minimal amounts of tooth preparation, they are both conservative and beautiful.

Restoration of unaesthetic anterior teeth, calls for high precision and skill with increasing demand from patients for high aesthetic restorations. Successful result is dependent on good clinical and laboratory technique and an understanding of the science involved.

It is imperative that every Prosthodontist know the important parameters such as inclusion and exclusion criteria, shade selection, tooth preparation, veneer placement (cementation) and patient maintenance for the long-term success of porcelain veneers.

Resource person: Dr Kambiz M. Ghalili

Dr Kambiz M. Ghalili completed his graduation in 1977 from National University of Iran and his masters in Prosthodontics in 1979 from Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry, Boston. He subsequently did his advanced education from New York University College of Dentistry, New York. Dr Ghalili is currently the Director of Advanced Program for International Restorative Dentistry in New York University College of Dentistry.

He is a member of many associations of repute and is in the editorial review board of several journals worldwide. He has many publications in international journals to his credit. He has actively involved in many research programmes. He is also the member of the very prestigious American Dental Association, New York County Dental Society.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the principles of laminate veneer
  2. Indications/ contraindications
  3. Shade selection
  4. Tooth preparation
  5. Veneer placement (cementation)
  6. Maintenance Protocol

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