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  • Endomagnum

“ENDOMAGNUM” Workshop on Modern Endodontics


Visualization in endodontic treatment has been limited to the two-dimensions of a dental radiograph that is representative of a three-dimensional system. The hand can perform intricate manipulations as long as the eye can see properly. The microscope is particularly useful in endodontics for identifying cracks, locating calcified and additional canals, removing posts and separated instruments and repairing perforations. Integration of magnification as well as other advanced aids like ultrasonics to the endodontic armamentarium enables the endodontist to elevate the standard of care in terms of diagnosis, technical accuracy and performance. It is imperative that every endodontist be competent in using advanced aids because these are going to be essential adjuncts in the dental practice of the 21st century.

Resource person: Dr. Vivek Hegde

Dr. Vivek Hegde completed his BDS and MDS( Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics) from Manipal University, India. He subsequently did a Masters’ program in Laser dentistry from the University of Vienna in 2007. He has since updated his skills and undergone training with leading companies such as Dentsply, Carl Zeiss, Fotona and Global. Dr. Hegde is currently the Vice-Principal & Head of the Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics at M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre. He is also a faculty at the University of Vienna, Austria. He is a member of many associations of repute and in the editorial review board of several journals worldwide. He has authored many chapters and contributed to clinical cases in numerous textbooks including the Grossman’s Endodontic Practice. Dr. Hegde conducts numerous continuing dental education workshops on Contemporary and Microscopic Endodontics. He lectures extensively and has been keynote and guest speaker at several national and international conferences and scientific meets. He was also invited to speak at the prestigious American Association of Endodontists (AAE) meet, representing the Asia Pacific region. At the international Endo Masters 2016, his presentation was voted by the viewers’ opinion poll as the best lecture. He is also the invited speaker representing India at the upcoming Asia Pacific Endodontic Congress at New Delhi, April 2017.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the principles of working of operating microscope and its clinical benefits
  2. Learn clinical tips in managing procedural errors in Endodontics
  3. Use modern aids in endodontic practice

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Ms. Mahalakshmi S.
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  • Security workshop

Five Day Hands on Workshop "Critical Information Infrastructure Hacking and Security" from FET


The world of technology has altered our lives irrefutably for the better. However, malicious intent can hold people, organizations and governments to ransom through cyber-attacks. The recent hacking of e-mails during the United States elections or the attacks on twitter accounts of famous politicians are small examples of cybercrime. In 2015, over 72% of the companies in India have faced cyber-attacks, but the percentage can be more as many of these attacks go unannounced, due to fear of adverse publicity.

India is already among the top 5 countries attacked by Ransomware and with increasing need for protection of our data, it is best that we understand ways by which cyber-attacks have happened and could happen, to counter these attacks. The Government of India is planning to spend over 100,000 Crore for smart cities mission and more than a million new Cyber security experts will be required by 2025 to protect various critical information infrastructures and data from cyber-attacks that could lead to massive loss of life and property.

Ramaiah University, together with ISAC is happy to announce the Cyberange Training programme. Cyberange is an advanced Cyber Warfare hardware and software simulation environment for building highly skilled teams in offensive and defensive security. Cyberange allows you to practice latest attack vectors on models that are designed to reflect real world deployments.

Imagine hacking a SCADA system connected to the switching system of a railway network and seeing the effects real-time on a scaled model train running in front of you! Cyberange not only provides you a stunning visual environment but enhances your cyber security learning multiple times by using over 100+ real-world scenarios from various sectors such as Telecom, Railways, Banking, Power, Hospital etc.

The training by experts with cutting edge knowledge of cyber-attacks as it is executed today will be done with a detailed simulated model of a smart city. The trainees will get hands on training in a competitive environment and feedback given at the end of the session. This exclusive training by internationally recognized trainers over 5 days will help individuals protect their organizations against such attacks.

For professionals aspiring to become next-gen cyber security experts to companies wanting to train their internal teams on latest attack vectors, Cyberange is THE way to learn hacking and security!

Who Should Attend?

  1. All those involved in protecting data of a sensitive nature
  2. Technology officers from the banking, e commerce, telecom sectors, hospital administration, utility providers, government organizations, police department and retail organizations
  3. Students pursuing graduate or post graduate programs in Computer Science engineering and with special interests in cyber security

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Event Coordinators:

Faculty of Engineering and Technology, MSRUAS :

Mr. Y. Venkatanatha Sarma
Asst. Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Mobile: +91 99868 11339

Directorate of Training & Lifelong Learning (DTLL):

Ms. Archana Madhukar
Manager - Trainings
Mobile: +91 96864 47343

Mr. Sudeep S.
Executive – Marketing
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