Seminars & Conferences Corner

  • Typhodontics

Three day Workshop on “National Integrated Typhodontics” from FDS


Intensive three days interactive experience along with hands on in Edgewise mechanics right from its evolution as standard Edgewise including Tweed Merrifield force system to the present day advanced preadjusted Edgewise mechanotherapy. Lingual appliance typhodont will also be taught in detail.

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  • Pharmacovigilance

One-day Interactive seminar on “Horizon of Pharmacovigilance: Role of clinical pharmacist as drug safety associates” from FPH

About the Seminar:

Safety is never an intrinsic property of the drug and identifying potential risks as early as possible and making risk minimization plans in order to deal with the identified risks or at least mitigate them is a cornerstone for anyone involved in pharmacovigilance. Drug safety monitoring and risk management are vitally important for all stakeholders who are involved in the arduous process of promoting drug safety. Sensitising to improvise ourselves on signal detection of early warning signs throughout the lifecycle of medicinal products enables us to promote drug and patient safety. Entry-level staff and those seeking a refresher, in drug safety/ pharmacovigilance and clinical departments will find the course invaluable, as will clinical investigators and other healthcare professionals.


After attending this program, the participants will be able to:

  1. Describe ways in which drug safety/pharmacovigilance is regulated nationally and internationally
  2. Specify the requirements and procedures to report adverse reactions to PvPI
  3. Describe tasks involved in monitoring adverse reactions to marketed products, and sketch how safety signals are generated and tested

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed for teachers, students, researchers from pharmacy and other allied sciences and young aspirants who are looking forward a career in pharmacovigilance and patient safety

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