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  • Hptlc

Two day Interactive Workshop on “Applications and the Recent Developments of HPTLC” from FPH


Identification of chemical entities involves chromatographic or spectroscopic analysis by comparing the fingerprints against the reference standards, monograph description or a reference chromatogram. High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) has been the preferred liquid chromatography technique in the identification of drug substance, drug product, ingredients, herbal medicines etc. HPTLC has become on of the official techniques in the major pharmacopoeias like USP, EP, IP, JP and BP. HPTLC a rapid, robust, efficient technique and widely applied in various fields like forensic science, food science, natural product and synthetic chemistry, pharmaceutical industries, cosmetology, biochemistry, biotechnology, environmental analysis, and so on. This workshop focuses on the current applications and recent developments of HPTLC to enrich the researchers to come with better outcome.

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  • Alias

Three-Day Workshop on “Digital Sculpting for Automotive Passions” from FAD

About the Seminar:

Auto Desk Alias can take you places! You can get a job in the automotive industry if you know the tool

Autodesk Alias is the premier CAD studio application for concept and surface design, enabling artists and designers to create high-quality, feasible CAD models. Alias is one of the premier CAD applications for concept modeling and class a surfacing used today. It's used in virtually every major design studio throughout the world, and in every market segment from automotive, to aerospace, to consumer products. The goal of this course is help you understand the Alias studio product, and how it can be used effectively in a design environment. It is the only path way to enter into the automotive design.

In order to ensure the ideal vehicular Class A surfacing, the necessities from different divisions must be fulfilled. On the basis of design projects based on sketches, a complex vehicle package is first created for cuts or prototypes. Thereafter follows Class A surfacing development in compliance with specific material requirements, manufacturing processes and a variety of other requirements.

This workshop is organized to create awareness about the importance of Styling in Automotive Design. The aim of the digital design workshop is to develop strong skills on digital tools within the industrial design process. Through a variety of courses such as drawing, clay modelling and manufacturing techniques, students are taught how to tackle 3d surface modelling from a single sketch to production. They also start to develop a culture around images with photography courses and thereby learn how to produce realistic digital renderings.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To discuss the effects of surface modelling on automotive styling
  2. To realize the importance of Alias in automotive design
  3. To achieve high quality surfaces using Alias studio
  4. To visualize rendering and highlights of surfaces using Alias studio

Who Should Attend?

  1. Engineers interested in application of CAD styling in designing of automotive
  2. Industrial Designers in product or automotive design
  3. Students and faculties from academic institutions
  4. Graduates with passion for automotive styling

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