Software Engineering and Big Data Modelling Research Centre (SEBDMRC)

Address of the Research Centre #470-P, Peenya Industrial Area, 4th Phase, Bengaluru-560058
Mission of the Research Centre We are committed to emerge as a research group of international stature in the development of theoretical and quantitative models, visualization techniques and systems for Big Data analytics for current and futuristic applications
Research Goals of the Centre
  • To model, simulate and analyse multi-dimensional statistical and machine learning algorithms for big data analytics applied to celluar networks, computer networks, climate and agriculture
  • To investigate and develop new data modeling algorithms for big data
  • To devise framework for visualization of large scale data to promote business intelligence
  • To pursue research to refine quality metrics for big data analytics
  • To formulate, analyse and improvise the contemporary techniuques and algorithms in the development of dependable and secure computing
  • To design and develop IoT systems for healthcare, smart city, smart home and retail
  • To devise prescriptive/predictive analytics for big data for diverse applications
  • To pursue research to facilitate the application of software engineering to cloud computing, IoT and WoT
  • To transfer technologies developed for commercialization and entrepreneurship
  • To dessiminate knowledge on concepts and emerging practices of Software Engineering and Big Data
  • To develop and pursue joint initiatives for collaboration and partnership with Universities, Research Centres and Industries to offer solution to societal relevant problems
Head of the Research Centre
Name with Qualification
Dr. P.V.R. Murthy, Ph.D.
Professor, Dept. of CSE, FET
Email ID:
Mobile No.: +91 - 98455 68042
Murthy Dr. A.S. Deepak, B.E., M.S., Ph.D. - Associate Head
Assoc. Professor and Head, Dept. of Mathematics, FMPS
Email ID:
Mobile No.: +91 - 98803 01029
Research Groups Big Data Modelling Business Analytics and Visualisation Software Engineering Security and Dependability
1 Big Data Mining and Analytics Statistical Data Modelling and Analysis Cloud Computing Dependable and Secure Computing
2 Distributed Data Modelling Data Mining and Analytics IoT
3 Multi-Dimensional Data Modeling Business Intelligence WoT
4 Machine Learning Algorithms Data Acquisition

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