Oral Cancer Research Centre (OCRC)

Address of the Research Centre Faculty of Dental Sciences, Gnanagangothri Campus, M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences
Mission of the Research Centre We endeavour to promote multidisciplinary research to analyse, detect and prevent oral cancer using principles of molecular biology , genomics and contemporary medical treatment modalities
Research Goals of the Centre
  • To pursue multidisciplinary applied and clinical research on oral cancer to address the current challenges from local and global perspectives for providing an affordable treatment modalities
  • To explore and adopt validated advanced diagnostic tools at a molecular level to analyse, detect and prevent oral cancer
  • To investigate the genetic basis of susceptibility of individuals to oral cancer
  • To analyse the characteristics of specific genetic markers to establish the relationship between the cause, course and progress of oral cancer
  • To apply the evolving concepts of Pathogenesis and Molecular Diagnostics to research on oral cancer
  • To promote and participate in the Public Health programmes on oral cancer pertaining to its social awareness and preventive measures
  • To transfer developed treatment modalities for commercialisation
  • To dessiminate knowledge on concepts and practices of clinical research and treatment modalities in oral cancer
  • To develop and pursue joint initiatives for collaboration and partnership with Universities, Research Centres and Industries to offer solution to detect and prevent oral cancer
Head of the Research Centre
Name with Qualification
Dr. Sowmya S V
Head, Dept. of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, FDS, RUAS
Email ID: sowmya.op.ds@msruas.ac.in
Mobile No.: +91 - 9945784509
Research Groups Oral Pre-Cancer and Cancer - Screening and Diagnosis Pathogenesis and Molecular Diagnostics Surgical Management, Chemo/Radio Therapy
1 Epidemology Histopathology Surgical Management Protocols
2 Development of a Cancer Registry Immuno-histochemistry Treatment Modalities
3 Social Awareness and Preventive Measures Genomic Profiling Prognosis and Survival
4 Non-Invasive and Minimally Invasive Diagnostics Proteomic Profiling
5 Radiological Investigation

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