Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Research Centre (IEDRC)

Address of the Research Centre #470-P, Peenya Industrial Area, 4th Phase, Bengaluru-560058
Mission of the Research Centre We endeavour to develop a novel framework for sustainable business ecosystem for the enrichment and nurturing of both innovation and entrepreneurship
Research Goals of the Centre
  • To pursue innovation and entrepreneurship for the utilisation of strategic global/national initiatives from conceptualization to the development of product/service
  • To formulate and recommend solutions to the existing challenges of business start-ups in adopting the good practices of innovation and entreprenurial development
  • To develop business models for various entreprenurial opportunities
  • To develop a framework for technological innovation and technology commercialisation for the sustenance and growth of business ideas
  • To serve as a consulting, mentoring and incubating centre for startups to inculcate the innovation in the business plan and entrepreneurship
  • To focus on collaborative partnership with service organisations through a range of engagement activities like research, consultancy, mentoring, workshops and seminars, training and life-long learning
  • To transfer technologies developed for commercialization and entrepreneurship
  • To dessiminate knowledge on principles and current practices of innovation and entrepreneurship
Head of the Research Centre
Name with Qualification
Dr. G. Devakumar, B.E., PGDMM, PGDPM, PGDIM, MBA, PhD
Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Management Studies, FMC
Email ID:
Mobile No.: +91 - 92429 49270
Research Groups Technology and Innovation Entrepreneurship Business Models Technology Commercialisation
1 Product Innovation for Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability Rural Entrepreneurship Development Capital Structure Decisions Product Features for Commercialisation
2 Innovation for Commercial Acceptance Retail Entrepreneurship Development Corporate Finance Partnering for Commercial Production
3 Due Diligence Analysis for a Start Up Capital Market Legalities for Commercialisation
4 Hospital Administration
5 Banking and Finance Industry
6 Innovative Products/Services

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