Centre for Signal Processing and Communication System Research (CSPCSR)

Address of the Research Centre #470-P, Peenya Industrial Area, 4th Phase, Bengaluru-560058
Mission of the Research Centre We endeavour to pursue collaborative multidisciplinary research on state of the art technologies and algorithms to support the design, simulation and development of contemporary radar and communication systems
Research Goals of the Centre
  • To apply the contemporary techniques for the design and development of microwave circuitry and RF front end modules to meet the performance requirements of radar and communication system
  • To perform research on design and optimization studies to arrive at geometric configuration of appropriate class of antennas to meet the specific requirments of given radar and communication system applications
  • To pursue research to improvise and optimize the performance of adaptive algorithms for baseband signal processing of communication systems
  • To formulate and recommend solutions for the Human Machine Interface (HMI) for speech and gesture recognition in multimedia environment
  • To investigate the optimality and reconfigurability of processors for the realization of high performance ASICs in communication system modules
  • To design and develop embedded processors and FPGA based prototype hardware for implementation of communication subsystems
  • To perform simulation studies and develop communication and network protocols for distributed applications to meet the performance requirements of terrestrial and underwater communication system
  • To develop novel algorithms and methods to enhance the efficiency and security of the existing communication network protocols
  • To adapt system engineering approach for adopting the strategic global technological initiatives towards communication system development from conceptualization to the system design
  • To formulate and recommend solutions to the challenges of multidisciplinary approach in the design and integration of subsystems of contemporary radar and communication systems
Head of the Research Centre
Name with Qualification
Dr. B.R. Karthikeyan, B.E., M.Sc.[Engg.], Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor, Dept. of ECE, FET
Email ID: karthikeyan.ec.et@msruas.ac.in
Mobile No.: +91 - 99861 57566
Karthikeyan Prof. Govind R. Kadambi, B.E., M.S., Ph.D. - Mentor
Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research)
Email ID: pvc.research@msruas.ac.in
Mobile No.: +91 - 99451 89607
Research Groups Antennas and Electromagnetics RF Circuits and Communication Engineering Communication Networks and Protocols VLSI
1 Design, Simulation and Analysis of Antennas for:
a. Wireless
b. Radar
c. Satellite Communication
Design and Simulation of RF Front End Modules Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Communication Networks High performance FPGA Architecure
2 Multi Beam and Multi Band Antennas EMI and EMC Analysis Modelling of Communication Protocols and Security Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design
3 Antenna Arrays and Phased Arrays Baseband Communications Modelling of Network Protocols Custom and Semi-Custom IC Design
4 Electromagnetic Analysis of Antennas and Microwave Circuits Adaptive Algorithms in Communication Simulation of WLAN, WSN and MANETs Low Power VLSI
5 Computational Electromagnetics MIMO, OFDM and DBF Underwater Communications Implementation of System Application on FPGA
6 Antenna Measurement Techniques SDR and Cognitive Radio Embedded System Design
7 Speech Processing and Recognition

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