Centre for Biomedical Systems and 3D Printing Research (CBS3DPR)

Address of the Research Centre #470-P, Peenya Industrial Area, 4th Phase, Bengaluru-560058
Mission of the Research Centre We are committed to an endeavour of bringing together the Bio-Medical Engineering, Health Care and Pharmaceutical Science fraternities to seek solutions to the challenges in the bio-medical systems using contemporary technologies
Research Goals of the Centre
  • To design, model, simulate and develop the Biomedical devices using the concepts of Bio-Control engineering, Bio-Mechanics, Bio-medical instrumentation, and digital signal processing/image processing algorithms
  • To design and develop healthcare mobile applications, Clinical Database Management Software (CDMS) and virtual surgery/surgical simulations
  • To develop novel simulation model of bio-medical imaging and image processing systems optimizing the signal processing, image processing, machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms
  • To model, simulate and analyse the human physiological systems and sub-systems from pharmaco-kinetics and pharmaco-dynamics perspective
  • To develop 3D modeling from 2D CT/MRI image and 3D printing of Anatomy models
  • To transfer technologies developed for commercialization and entrepreneurship
  • To dessiminate knowledge on principles and current practices of bio-medical and 3D printing research
  • To develop and pursue joint initiatives for collaboration and partnership with Universities, Research Centres and Industries to offer solution to societal relevant problems
Head of the Research Centre
Name with Qualification
-- Dr. T. Christy Bobby, Ph.D
Associate Head
Assoc. Professor, Dept. of ECE, FET
Email ID: christy.ec.et@msruas.ac.in
Mobile No.: +91 - 99868 53888
Research Groups Bio-Medical Signal Processing Bio-Medical Imaging and Image Processing Bio-Medical System Modelling and Simulations 3D Printing: Bio-Medical
1 Signal Processing Algorithms Medical Imaging and Instrumentation Medical Imaging Reverse Engineering
2 Machine Learning Image Processing Algorithms Signal Processing Design of Bioimplants
3 Pattern Recognition Medical Visualisation Pattern Recognition Bio-Control Engineering
4 Bio-Control Engineering 3D Printing Artificial Intelligence Bio-Medical Instrumentation
5 Bio-Medical Instrumentation Machine Learning
6 Drug - Disease Simulations
7 Biomechanical Simulations

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