Scholarships for Ph.D. Scholars

  • At present the University is not awarding any scholarships to students pursuing PhD in the University. However, there are few opportunities available as described below
    1. A Scholar can work as a research assistant with a professor having research grants
    2. A Scholar has an opportunity to work as a tutor in a laboratory
    3. A Scholar has an opportunity to work as a training faculty in DTLLL
  • Scholar can also apply for various Scholarships schemes that are available with the Government of Karnataka and Govt. of India
  • Scholar can also seek an industrial research scholarship under CSR initiative
  • MSRUAS is striving to create MSRUAS-Research Endowment Fund to provide Scholarships for a few meritorious candidates who would like to pursue PhD on full time route. Students will be informed on the availability of scholarship once the fund becomes operational