M.Tech Notice Board

  1. Academic Calendar for Academic Year 2020-21 for 2ndYear
  2. 3rd Semester Class Schedule
  3. Registration Procedure for RR and Fast Track
  4. Re Registration Form
  5. Fast Track Notice
  6. Fast Track - Registration Form
  7. Remainder Notification - For Payment of First Installment August 2020
  8. Fee Notification - Summer Semester 2020
  9. Fee Notification - Extended Due Date
  10. Letter to Students for Fees
  11. Fee Notification - July 2020
  12. PT18 and PT19 Tuition and Other Fee Notification
  13. Second Semester Automotive Engineering Time Table
  14. Second Semester Aerospace Engineering Time Table
  15. Second Semester Data Science and Engineering Time Table
  16. Second Semester Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems Time Table
  17. Second Semester VLSI and Nanotechnology Time Table
  18. Second Semester Structural Engineering Time Table
  19. Second Semester Construction Engineering and Management Time Table
  20. Second Semester Environmental Sanitation and Waste Management Time Table
  21. Second Semester Transportation Engineering Time Table
  22. Second Semester Manufacturing Technologies and Engineering Management Time Table
  23. Second Semester Robotics Engineering Time Table
  24. Second Semester Advanced Machinery Design Time Table
  25. Second Semester Power Electronics and Drives Time Table
  26. M.Tech Aircraft Design & Automotive Engineering FT-2019 Time Table
  27. M.Tech VLSI & NT FT-2019 Time Table
  28. M.Tech Data Science FT-2019 Time Table
  29. M.Tech AMD, MTEM, RE FT-2019 Time Table
  30. M.Tech MLIS FT-2019 Time Table
  31. M.Tech PED FT-2019 Time Table
  32. M.Tech AAE FT-2018 Timetable
  33. M.Tech Civil FT-2018 Timetable
  34. M.Tech CSE FT-2018 Time Table
  35. MTech ECE FT-2018 Timetable
  36. M.Tech EEE FT-2018 Timetable
  37. M.Tech MME FT-2018 Timetable
  38. PT-2018 Time Table
  39. Annual Calendar 2018 Batch
  40. Plagiarism Notification
  41. Templates
  42. Assignment Template