MHA Notice Board

  1. MHA507 Assignment Submission Schedule for FT-2017 Batch
  2. MHA507 Practical Exam Schedule for FT-2017 Batch
  3. MHA507 Written Exam Schedule for FT-2017 Batch
  4. MHA506 Assignment presentation Notice
  5. Final Project Presentation Schedule for FT-2016 Batch
  6. Commencement of MHA507 Session for FT-2017 Batch
  7. MHA506 Assignment Submission Notice
  8. Call for India Innovation Growth Programme (IIGP)-2018
  9. Tuition Fee Notification
  10. List of Students with Tuition Fee Overdue
  11. Kannada Saurabha (Trimonthly) - Volume02, Issue01 Released
  12. Circular - Collecting Back Original Documents
  13. Requesting Form for Collecting Back Original Documents
  14. Sequence of Modules and Dates for FT-2017 Batch
  15. FT-2016 Time Table
  16. FT-2017 Time Table
  17. Annual Calendar 2017 Batch
  18. Plagiarism Software
  19. Plagiarism Notification
  20. Templates
  21. Assignment Template