Sl. No. Programmes Programme Details
(Programme Specifications)
Programme Curriculum
(Module Specifications)
1 Pharmacognosy PS_PNY MS_PNY
2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry PS_PLC MS_PLC
3 Pharmaceutics PS_PCS MS_PCS
4 Pharmacology PS_PLY MS_PLY
5 Pharmacy Practice PS_PP MS_PP
6 Pharmaceutical Analysis * PS_PLA MS_PLA
7 Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance * PS_PQA MS_PQA
8 Pharmaceutical Technology * PS_PLT MS_PLT
9 Herbal Drug Technology * PS_HDT MS_HDT

* Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, Pharmaceutical Technology and Herbal Drug Technology Programmes are not offered for the Academic Year 2019-20