Project Abstracts - 2013

M.Sc. Student Projects

VLSI System Design

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Design and Custom Layout Implementation of Bandgap Reference Circuit for PMICs
2 Design and ASIC Implementation of Image Segmentation Algorithm for Autonomous MAV Application
3 Design and Development of Bio-Inspired Motion Detection and Velocity Estimation Algorithm for Visual Naviagtion
4 Design and Development of Camera Interface Controller with Pre-Processing Modules on FPGA for MAVs
5 ASIC Design and Implementation of Roll Controller for Flight Stability
6 Design and Development of Feature Extraction Algorithm for Object Detection for Bio-Inspired Navigation System
7 Design and Development of Cost Effective General Purpose Board
8 Design and Development of Power Optimised Pipeline Analog to Digital Converter for Wireless Applications
9 Development of Verification IP of LIN Controller using Verification Methodology Manual
10 Implementation of MIMO-OFDM Transceiver Blocksets on Virtex-5 FPGA Platform
11 Design and FPGA Implementation of Position Controller for Electro Hydraulic Drives in Turbine Control System
12 FPGA Implementation of Hybrid Frequency Hop Spread Spectrum for Advanced WCDMA
13 FPGA Implementation of DS-CDMA Transmitter and Receiver for Ad-Hoc Networks
14 Skew Minimisation of Clock Distribution Networks in CTS
15 Delay Optimisation and Low Power Implementation of DWT based Image Fusion Architecture in ASIC
16 Design and Implementation of a High Efficient, Synchronous, Low Power DC-DC Converter in 180nm using PFM Scheme
17 Analysis and Design of Temperature Independent Methodologies for Advanced CMOS Circuits
18 Test-Chip Implementation of Memory Interface PHY IP for DDR SDRAM
19 Design and ASIC Implementation of Low Power Minimal OpenRISC SoC (MinSoC)
20 Design and Implementation of UVM-SystemC Based Verification Flow for Verifying RTL Ips
21 Design and VLSI Implementation of Read and Write Assist Circuits for Low Voltage 6T SRAM
22 Vision based Real Time Tracking of a Laser Point for Gimbal Stabilisation
23 Design and VLSI Implementation of Multi-Clocking Scheme for Multi-Core Microprocessor
24 Synergistic Physical Synthesis for Manufacturability and Reduced Variability for 45nm Technology
25 Design and VLSI Implementation of Efficient, High Performance IC Clock Tree Design Using MPCTS
26 Design and Analysis of Novel Power Gating Technique for Leakage Power Reduction in SoCs