Project Abstracts - 2012

M.Sc. Student Projects

VLSI System Design

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Verification and FPGA Validation of ISO 14443-3 Protocol for Contactless Smart Card Application
2 Methodology Improvement and ECO Development for Timing DRC for SoC Designs
3 Development of OVM Verification Environment for Functional Verification of Quad SPI Interface
4 Design and Implementation of Hybrid ADC for High Frequency Applications
5 Design and VLSI Implementation of Low Voltage Linear CMOS Up Conversion Mixer for 2.4 GHz Frequency Applications
6 Design and FPGA Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for Route Optimisation
7 Functional Verification and Performance Improvement of Egress Module for Ethernet chip
8 Functional Verification of SerDes for High Speed Networking Applications
9 Design and FPGA Implementation of Image Fusion using Lifting Discrete Wavelet Transform
10 Design and Development of a Power Monitor Unit for Traffic Controller
11 Design and FPGA Implementation of Reconfigurable Digital Front End Module of SC-FDMA
12 Design and Implementation of a General Purpose Programmable Bidirectional I/O Buffer with Tolerence Feature
13 Performance Analysis and Optimisation in Migration of Memory Compiler Design
14 Validation of Low Power Format using Standard Cell Library
15 Design and VLSI Implementation of Low Power Clock Distribution Network for Multi-Core Microprocessor
16 Design and Simulation of H-Bridge Motor Driver IC for Automotive Application
17 Design and Development of Cost Effective Virtex-5 Board
18 Design and Implementation of Low Jitter Delay Locked Loop for DDR Memory