Project Abstracts - 2013

Student Projects

Product Design

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Design of Toys to Improve Cognitive Skills of Children in the Age Group 2 - 5 Years
2 Design of a Water Storage and Purification System for Rural India
3 Design and Development of Multi-Purpose Seating System for Leisure Time Activities
4 Design of a Multipurpose Convertible Baby Walker
5 Design of Range of Kitchen Appliances for Premium Indian Homes
6 Design of a Premium Class Seating System for Long Distance Bus
7 Design of Learning Aids for Children with Down Syndrome
8 Exterior Styling of 2015 Hatchback Car for Indian Market
9 Design and Development of a Range of Modular Utensil Storage Units for Indian Households
10 Design of a Light Weight Portable Chair for Laptop Use
11 Design of a Commuter Vehicle for School Children
12 Design of a Portable Audio Visual Presentation Kit
13 Design of an Infant Carrier for Indian Middle Class
14 Design of a Manually Operated Washing Machine for Rural India
15 Design of an Innovative Candy Vending Machine for Children
16 Design of Accessories for Newspaper Distributors on Two Wheelers
17 Design of Garbage Disposal and Collection System for Commuter Trains in India
18 Design of a Portable Modular Kitchen Unit
19 Design of Equipment/System for Handling (Loading and Unloading) LPG Gas Cylinders for Transport
20 Design and Development of Camera Stability Device for Photographers
21 Design of a Novel Emergency Exit for Indian Railways
22 Design of a Carrying Case for Design Students
23 Design and Development of Work Station for Servicing of Cell Phone
24 Design of an Automatic Pill Dispenser
25 Design of a Drinks Trolley for Sports Events on E - Vehicle
26 Design of a Collapsible Seating System for Spectators
27 Design of a Corn Cob Toasting Stall for Shopping Malls in India
28 Design of a Kiosk for Emission Testing for Vehicles
29 Design of Contemporary Living Room Furniture Using Natural Material
30 Exterior Styling of Sports Car for India
31 Design of a Range of Affordable Office Chairs for the Indian Market
32 Design and Develop a Receptacle for Bachelors Focusing on Usability and Aesthetics
33 Design of a Food Trolley for Hospitals in India
34 Design of a Communication Device for People with Speech and Language Impairment
35 Design and Development of a Low Cost Air Cooler
36 Design and Development of Thresher cum De-husker for Ragi Crop
37 Design and Development of Puffed Rice Maker for Indian Small Commercial Application
38 Design and Development of De-Husker for Flat Beans (Avarekkai)
39 Design and Development of Dining Room Furniture and Accessories Using Bamboo
40 Design of a Multi-Purpose Massage Bed for Indian Ayurvedic Health Centre
41 Concept Design of Anomaly Detective Device for Automobiles
42 Design and Development of Vegetables and Fruits Cleaning Machine for Indian Urban Households
43 Design and Development of LED Lighting Set for Range of Applications for Indian Household
44 Design and Development of Autoclave for Clinical Application
45 Design and Development of Premium Partition Systems Using 3M Surface Finish Products
46 Design and Development of Bullock Cart for Agriculture / Transport Purpose
47 Design of a Wearable Device for Communication and Entertainment for Youth (20-28 years)
48 Design and Development of Automatic Pet Feeder for Indian Urban Houses
49 Design and Development of an Automatic Shoe Polishing Device Used in Offices
50 Design and Development of Low Cost Coconut De-Shelling Machine
51 Design of Ottu Shavige (Rice Noodles) Maker
52 Redesign of Traditional Jaggery Making Process and Equipment
53 Design and Development of Rain Water Harvesting System for Residential Roof Tops