Project Abstracts - 2012

Student Projects

Product Design

Sl.No.Project Title
1 Design of Innovative Shoe Rack With Seating
2 Design of Toys for Differently Abled Children of 5 to 10 Years Age Group
3 Design and Development of Sanitary Ware for Indian Premium Segment
4 Design of Houseboat Focusing on Aesthetics and Ergonomics
5 Design and Development of a Low Cost Tricycle for Indian Users
6 Design and Development of an Electric Bicycle for Indian Teenagers
7 Design of a Range of Two Wheeler Safety Helmets for Indian Climate
8 Design and Development of a Pepper Plucking Equipment
9 Styling of an Electric Micro Compact Car for Urban India
10 Design of Solar Lantern for Farmers in Rural India
11 Design and Development of a Multi Purpose Step Ladder for Residential Use
12 Design and Development Of an Innovative Podium for Premium Segment
13 Design and Development of an Ergonomic Workstation for Goldsmiths in India
14 Design of a Universal Device for Currency Recharging of Cell Phones for Retailers in India
15 Design and Development of Mobile Plant Nursery
16 Exterior Styling of TATA Winger Van for Improved Aesthetics
17 Design and Development of LED Based Interactive Lighting Device for Premium Segment
18 Design of Innovative Display System for Selling Saree in Premium Stores in India
19 Design of a Multipurpose Patient Bed for Hospitals in India
20 Design and Development of Booth Station for Traffic Police
21 Design and Development of Cardamom Harvesting Machine
22 Design and Development of a Portable Floodlight Unit for Festive Occasions in India
23 Design and Development of a Compact Electric Instant Food Cooker for Travelers
24 Design of Multipurpose Backpack Laptop Carrier for College Students
25 Redesign of a Soil Cement Block Making Machine
26 Redesign of Indian Auto Rickshaw for Executive Travel
27 Design of Newspaper Vending Machine for Public Spaces
28 Design of Recreational Vehicle for 4-6 Year Kids for Premium Segment
29 Design of Entertainment Centre Furniture for Residential Premium Segment
30 Design of an Upper Body Muscle Exercise Unit for Mobility Challenged People
31 Design and Development of a Two Wheeler Medical First Aid Vehicle for India
32 Design and Development of Bamboo Furniture for Living Room
33 Design of Cash Van Focusing on Security, Safety, Ergonomics and Aesthetics
34 Design and Development of Modular Workstation for BPO Firms and Call Centres in India
35 Design of Schoolbag with Seating Accessory Considering Usability, Portability and Ergonomics
36 Design of Low Cost Modular Carrier to Carry Agro and Poultry Products
37 Design of Banana Slicer for Indian Banana Chips Making Industry
38 Redesign of Grain Feeder, Distributor and Egg Collector System in Poultry Farm
39 Design and Development of Traffic Safety Products/Systems
40 Design and Development of Weed Cutter
41 Design and Development of a Cell Phone Charging Device Using Wind Energy for Automotive Vehicles
42 Design of an Infant Incubator for Cost Reduction and Improved Usability for Indian Health Care Centres
43 Design of Electric Grill Sandwich Maker for Commercial Use
44 Design and Development of a Portable Data Acquisition and Recording Device
45 Design and Development of Auto Pallet Changer System for CNC Vertical Machining Centre
46 Design of Egg Incubator for Poultry Farmers
47 Design of Portable Hawker's Stall
48 Design of Multipurpose Wheel Chair for Physically Challenged and Elder People
49 Design of Retail Ice Cream Cart for Improved Ergonomics and Aesthetics